If an AC filter isn’t maintained on time, it might make you feel sick. Homeowners frequently neglect the air filters inside and around the house, yet they can cause health issues. What mostly makes you ill are the pet hair, dust, germs, and fungus trapped in the filters. Based on a study, sickness, recurrent sinus infections, and allergies might result from breathing unclean air because of filthy air filters.

So, pay attention and keep up with frequent filter replacement or cleaning.

What Makes Your AC Filters Dirty?

Over time, air filters are meant to become filthy. Fur, dust, soot, and pollen are just a few of the allergens that may be discovered in your home and can eventually make their way toward your air conditioner’s furnace filter and air filter. You should be replacing it every 1 to 3 months. Failing to do so might block airflow, promote mold formation, and begin spreading germs that could result in unwelcome illness. You can also cause undue strain on your heating and cooling system, possibly resulting in needing furnace repair.

However, if your air filter becomes filthy quickly, there could be an issue with the filter you’re using. Using superior Merv furnace filters, which last longer compared to other air filters on the marketplace and are available from trustworthy companies like Simply Filters, could be the answer.

Why Is It Important to Keep Your Ac’s Air Filters Clean?

It is essential that the air conditioning unit’s filters are constantly kept clean to provide a healthy and hygienic airflow throughout the home. Even if we cannot see them, there are likely a great number of airborne particles that affect the people living in the home. Several of these particles could even make your whole family feel very sick because a dirty filter increases your risk of developing allergies and various respiratory conditions. 

Additionally, skipping the straightforward task of cleanup and replacing the air filters might cause damage to your air conditioner or heater, costing you extra money. Therefore, it is crucial to replace and clean the air filters regularly.

The Symptoms That Your AC’s Filter is Making You Sick

  1. Respiratory Issues: When your air conditioner filter gets dirty, it becomes a haven for germs and fungus. As a direct consequence of this, the mold will begin to spread. It occurs as a result of moisture accumulation in your home’s ductwork. Breathing difficulties originate from fungus and bacteria that become airborne. You’re more likely to acquire a respiratory disease if you live next to a moldy air conditioner. 
  2. Uneven House Temperatures Cause Uncomfortableness: With unclean air filters, you might anticipate inconsistent cooling and heating within the house. Uneven air distribution throughout the house is a result of dirty air filters. This is due to the ineffectiveness of your AC system’s ability to produce cool air, which will make you uncomfortable and lead you to itch and scratch your body. You may get a fever and vertigo due to the uneven airflow in your home.


In conclusion, a filthy air conditioning filter may trigger a wide range of health problems, including allergic reactions, asthma attacks, and respiratory tract infections. It is essential to conduct routine inspections of the filter and to change it regularly to maintain a high level of air quality within the home. You may enhance your general health and well-being by ensuring that the filter in the air conditioner is always clean.