So, you’ve nailed your first date with your romantic interest, chances are you’re currently on the hunt for some cool ideas for a second one, which, hopefully, will lead to a third one. Of course, you can always opt to go bold and invite your date over for dinner or even present them with some fun sexy gifts. But if you don’t want to rush things and prefer to go the traditional way, you’ll find today’s post particularly helpful. Below are some no-brainer ideas that won’t let you get bored during your second date and help take your relationship to the next level. 

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Visit a Familiar Place 

While you might feel a bit awkward and uncomfortable during the first date, your second meeting should show off your strengths and help to impress your date even more. And the best way to reveal your true self to your partner is to act and behave naturally. With this in mind, you want to visit a place where you feel that way. So, consider visiting a familiar place. 

By a familiar place, we don’t mean a library or local country life museum (though, some may find such ideas more than attractive.) Consider bringing your date to your favorite bar where the atmosphere will be conducive to getting to know each other better. Your favorite restaurant, jazz club, karaoke, or some beer sampling event can also do the trick.    

Take a Walk 

You can think of going for a walk as either a standalone second date idea or as its continuation. You may want to take a stroll around a park or along the promenade. Not only does doing a long walk can put you in the right mood but also help you to get to know your date on a deeper level. A little fresh air and picturesque landscapes will definitely enhance romance and make your second date unforgettable. 

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Visit an Outdoor Market 

Visiting an outdoor market is a more prosaic yet not less fun way to get to know your date. Just like an idle stroll along the beach, going from one stall to another and checking out the variety of goods on display is a great idea for a low-key date. Flea and farmer’s markets are famed for their authentic atmosphere and cheerful mood conducive to bonding. 

Take a Cooking or Pottery Class 

If you feel ready for closer bonding, consider taking some crafts classes in your city. Pottery or ceramics classes are so romantic. Some even rightly call them hotbeds for intimacy. You shaping malleable clay together… Creating small jugs, plates, and cups… Doesn’t that sound romantic? Cooking classes are another great idea to consider if you want to get to know your date better. If you realize that cooking isn’t something you’re good at, you’ll learn some simple recipes you’ll be able to recreate at some point later. 

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Go Picnicking or Biking 

Take advantage of the scenery and invite your date for a little fresh air on your second date. You can go for a romantic picnic in a local park or forest. Unlike a typical sit-down dinner, a picnic will help you take the tension out of the situation and keep things casual. If you’re still not ready for maintaining eye contact or speaking with your date for a long period of time, biking can be a great alternative! It’s also as casual and laid-back as picnicking, but at the same time, it allows for more contemplation, which presents more opportunities to keep the conversation going. And you can always stop for a snack or a drink and exchange impressions.   

Hit a Live Music Event 

Even if it’s a loud rock concert, which seemingly has nothing to do with romance, you’ll be able to get the most out of it. Just make sure you both like this band or genre. What’s more, the loud music will likely make you get really close together and make you want to go to some quiet place afterwards. And that’s the recipe for a make out!