I try to incorporate eco-friendly habits into my daily life, and this includes holidays and celebrations. There are plenty of ways to make your St. Patrick’s day extra green this year! These eco-friendly habits are things you can do year-round as well as for holidays.

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Use eco-friendly decor

A lot of decorations are single-use, so think about using decor that is reusable or at least sustainable. For example, use less plastic, and more natural materials, like greenery, felted St. Patrick’s Day decor, and recycled decor. You can also save decorations that you purchase, to use for future years.

Shop locally & sustainably

When you are buying supplies, shop local and support your local businesses.  You can find just about anything from food to drinks. If you are celebrating with drinks, see if there is a local brewery you can buy from.

Ditch the food dyes

So many St. Patrick’s Day treats use artificial green dyes. Ditch the artificial dyes and select foods that are naturally green or use natural food dyes.  For example, fruit salad with kiwi fruit and grapes, or natural green dye. You can also get creative and add matcha powder to some recipes for fun, or other green superfoods like pandan powder!

Use reusable shopping bags and other reusable items

When you head to the store, don’t forget your reusable shopping bags. When shopping for a get together or party, you may end up with a large quantity of items, and it is particularly good to have your shopping bags with you. Grabbing some coffee to fuel your day of celebrating? Use a reusable travel mug.

Use better tableware

While disposables can make life easy, avoid them whenever possible. This goes for paper napkins as well. You can also consider alternatives to disposables, like plates constructed from palm leaves or compostable plates and bowls, and eco-friendly straws.

Choose food items carefully

It is wonderful to support fair trade, organic, eco-friendly, sustainable companies, as well as local companies when you can.