The internet has made a lot of things easier to handle. People used to need a professional to solve their problems, but now the internet has experts of all kinds that streamline the process. DIY tips, videos, and blogs have revolutionized the way humans communicate ideas and solve problems.

Amateur cooks used blogging and vlogging to bring their amazing recipes into kitchens across the world. People can now use a vehicle insurance calculator to figure out what the best rates are for them. A simple Google search has eliminated the need to call a plumber when the sink gets clogged.

We’ll talk about these internet tools and a few others that should make your life easier when troubleshooting problems. Some of these tools might even help you start a career or get married. The internet is truly a life-changing concept, isn’t it? 

#1 – Indeed and LinkedIn 

Searching for a job used to be one of the most tedious and frustrating things in life. You’d have to get a newspaper with job ads or search for flyers on the doors of businesses. Communication was limited sometimes, and interviews had to be scheduled over the phone. 

With sites like Indeed and LinkedIn, anyone can put their resume online for the world to see. Indeed feeds you hundreds of jobs depending on the category you’re interested in. You can filter your search by location, degree, profession, etc. The interview process is set up on the site, and Zoom makes it easy to talk to potential employers remotely. 

LinkedIn is a tremendous tool for networking with other like-minded professionals. Employers no longer have to worry about how to find their next big hire. This site allows people from both parties to contact each other by searching for folks with specific backgrounds and interests. 

These sites aren’t the only ones that have job search tools, obviously. Glassdoor is another site that is similar to Indeed. The format of the site is a little different, but the purpose is the same. Finding a job has never been made more simple than with sites like these. And with technology continuing to evolve, there will be even more avenues for finding work. 

#2 – YouTube

YouTube is one of the most useful sites that has ever been created. Millions of people take advantage of the helpful demonstrations and advice that vloggers put out on the site daily. You can find virtually anything on YouTube, often with dozens of different amateurs demonstrating for you. 

If the creator isn’t very good at explaining the topic, the viewer can just move on to the next video. YouTube’s accessibility and convenience have made it so much easier to perform DIY tasks around the house instead of calling professionals. Sometimes you do need a plumber or an electrician. Other times the issue is something tiny that anyone can handle with a little help.

YouTube has also been great for teaching people how to perform different life skills. Many adults don’t know how to cook for themselves or do laundry. Everyday tasks like making a bed or folding shirts can also be trying for some people. YouTube has lots of videos in any of these categories that streamline the learning process. 

It takes skill to find the right video for your problem, though. Not everyone is an expert online. This means that folks should still have to learn to discern what is good advice and what isn’t. More serious questions about topics like medicine should still be left to doctors and nurses. 

#3 – Insurance Calculators

The insurance industry is confusing for most people. Folks often don’t understand why they are charged a certain amount for insurance policies. They also sometimes take the first offer given to them because it takes too long to shop for other options. Enter the online insurance calculator. 

There are a large variety of sites that you can plug your information into and get an estimate from the comfort of your home. Things like your car model, age, and gender are all taken into account when you use one of these calculators. And there’s going to be more negotiation with the company you choose. 

These insurance calculators are simply for giving you a baseline estimate of what you can expect when you talk to an agent. It also gives the general population more information about what influences car insurance rates. Hopefully, more people will use these available tools so that they can be educated on important financial topics like insurance. 

#4 –Dating and Matchmaker Sites

Finding love feels impossible for many people. Dating sites take all of the hassles out of finding that special someone in public. Tinder, Bumble, and so many others have encouraged people to swipe right or left on their dating options for many years now. For marginalized groups like LGBTQ+ folks, dating apps have been instrumental in accepting themselves. 

It’s hard for gay and bisexual people to go up to someone in public and ask them out on a date. Fear of homophobic responses used to discourage queer people from taking this initiative. Apps have put like-minded people in a pool so that you never have to worry about what someone’s sexual orientation is before asking them on a date. 

Shy people no longer have to think about how to put themselves in situations where they can meet new people. These sites do that hard work for you, and then you can focus on the important stuff: falling in love. 

#5 – Medium

Medium is similar to YouTube in that it is a site for creators. People who want to start a freelance writing business have found great success writing blog posts and advice columns on Medium. And for those who just want to read the articles rather than write them, there’s plenty of great work to learn from. 

Medium separates writing by topic. If someone wants to learn about politics or gender studies, there’s great information in that genre. If they want to learn about the latest in psychology, there are experts and professionals with columns on those topics. 

Medium can be a therapeutic site for some people. There are advice columns on love, relationships, parenting, career aspirations, school, and so much more. Sometimes when you are feeling down it’s nice to know there is someone out there with some words of wisdom. 

And that’s what all of these internet tools have in common. The sites give the population an easy way of knowing they aren’t alone in whatever problem they’re experiencing. 

Shawn Laib writes and researches for the car insurance site, He wants to let people know about all of the online tools that will help them make life easier.