If you consider transitioning from your home into a retirement community, you will most likely have many questions. 

The good thing is you can answer many of those questions with just a few tips and hints.

When it comes to finding a retirement community Ithaca, here are 6 simple suggestions to make your move much easier:

1. Know What and How To Pack

Ask your new facility if they have moving assistance. If you need help deciding what to pack, what to donate or give to loved ones, and what to throw away, you will need to decide what to pack, what to donate, or give to loved ones. Be sure to give yourself enough time to go through your things. Most people have much more than they realize.

2. Write Out and Stick To a Plan

The simplest way to develop and document a strategy for making your move as smooth as possible is still the old-fashioned way; pen and paper. Buy a notebook or journal dedicated solely to moving and all the little details that go with it. 

That way, you will always know exactly where to write something down when it pops into your head. Additionally, you will always know exactly where your plan is, unlike in a computer file or digital app.

3. Start with Small Goals

It is okay to tackle the biggest aspects of your move right from the start. If you plan properly, you have plenty of time to complete everything. Start with a few small goals and get them finished.

Make a checklist of tasks such as: 

  • Contacting utility companies to disconnect services
  • Change pharmacies
  • Have loved ones go through their possessions 
  • Forwarding mail
  • Canceling subscriptions 
  • And the many others that will follow

4. Set Strict Deadlines

Deadlines are only as good as the respect you treat them with. If you ignore them and treat them like a suggestion rather than a demand, they won’t do you much good. Involve your family members in helping you stay accountable and on schedule. 

Set firm deadlines for things like when to start packing, when to get in touch with the realtor or lawyer concerning the next steps for your home, and so on.

5. Take a Tour of the Facilities

Visit the retirement community in Ithaca in person to get a feel for the place and to see the amenities and services that are available. This can include sitting in on a meal, checking out the activities and group events, looking around the local area, or whatever else you are curious about.

6. Personalize Your Space 

Bring personal items and decorations to your new home to make it feel like your own. It can also be helpful to bring familiar items like photos and keepsakes to make it feel more like home.

How To Find the Right Retirement Community in Ithaca

Even with these tips, what it really comes down to is what you want/need in a senior community. Whether it’s lots of activities, a vibrant entertainment area around the location, or nearby medical facilities, you deserve to live somewhere you enjoy.