Get help choosing the perfect child safety locks for your child with this review of the five best babyproofing cabinet safety locks.

If you’re looking for a solution to your curious kid opening up places they shouldn’t, child safety locks are a good place to start. They are a great way to keep your little explorer from the potential hazards behind closed doors, or rather drawers. 

These baby safety products come in four major types:

  • Magnetic locks:

The latches are installed inside the cabinets or drawers and a magnetic key can be used to open them.

  • Adhesive strap locks: 

This type of lock uses heavy-duty adhesives to keep the cabinets locked.

  • Spring-action locks: 

When installed inside a compartment, it opens by pressing down on the latch with the cabinet door slightly ajar to release the spring.

  • Slide locks: 

Made for cabinets with double doors, these locks work by holding the adjacent knobs together. 

In this review, we have considered several features such as:

  1. The ease of installation
  2. Ease of operation
  3. Whether or not they actually do the job of keeping your kids out
  4. How long they could withstand the curiosity of a toddler

We’ve done all the testing so that you don’t have to. And after all our research, here are the top five best child safety locks depending on what you’re looking for.

Here are the best babyproof cabinet locks

  • Best Overall Cabinet Locks:

Lulasafe Magnetic Cabinet Locks

These locks tick everything off on the babyproofing checklist. They are both easy to install and easy to use.

If you’re looking for something simple yet very effective, Lulasafe’s locks are your best choice.

The basic set consists of an installation template or cradle, a magnetic lock, a latch, and a magnetic key and key holder. Lulasafe is available on Amazon.

Follow the steps below to install these locks properly;

Step 1: Wipe the cabinet surface clean.

Step 2: Insert the latch to the cradle, and deftly peel off the adhesive tape on the back of the cradle.

Step 3: Stick it on the inside of the cabinet.

Step 4: Try working the lock and deactivating the lock on the inside of the childproof drawer. To open it, just hover the key on the part of the cabinet where the lock is, and it will automatically open. You’re now good to go.


  1. Magnetic strength: The magnetic key has very high magnetic strength, so the security locks work with drawers, cabinets or cupboards up to 2 inches thick, single or double doors. You can use this lock in a variety of situations and it will still work.
  1. Invisibility: Another reason why we chose Lulasafe’s magnetic locks as our top pick is because it’s practically invisible. The magnetic door lock key stays hidden but within reach, so it takes some time for your kid to figure out how it opens. 
  1. Safe and protective: Unlike other security locks, it not only preserves your home decor, but also completely eliminates the risk of injury from behind the cabinet door.


  1. You can lose the key: The only issue you might have with these locks is losing the magnetic key because of its small size. Without it, it’s difficult to get around the lock, but a strong magnet will also do the job of opening it. 
  • Great Lock For Travel or Temporary Use:

Kiscords Baby Cabinet Locks

This is a sliding lock that works great for cabinets with knobs or a double handle. However, it is also a very temporary option because of its features.

Rather than adhesives, the lock on these bolts has two parts that slide together to lock the cabinet. On the other end is a pinch release for opening the doors.


  1. Travel asset: A major pro of this product would be that it is something you can take along with you when you’re traveling and need a temporary babyproofing set-up away from home. 


  1. Inconvenience: The lock isn’t very convenient. It requires both hands to use, so it can get a bit frustrating when you’re doing something like cooking dinner and you constantly need to get something from the drawers.
  1. Rigidity: It also doesn’t have much of a broad reach as its use is just restricted to cabinets with knobs or handles.

Overall, it’s a great product, but if you’re looking for something more permanent, you can try something else.

  • Best for Versatile Locations:

Vkania Child Proof Kit

This childproof kit comes with strap locks and outlet covers.

The straps themselves use adhesives to keep things locked. 


  1. Versatility: They can be used for almost anything you want to keep closed. We love how it works with things like bins, oven doors, refrigerators, toilet seats and even diaper pails. As long as it has a lid, these locks can probably keep it closed.
  1. Easy to install: Installation is very straightforward as all you have to do is stick the adhesive surfaces on the part that closes and the body of the cabinet or whatever it is you want to babyproof respectively. The outlet covers the kit are made of plastic and designed for two-prong electricity outlets. 


  1. Not aesthetically pleasing: These straps are very large, white and look unattractive when used at home. If aesthetics are important to you, this lock is definitely not for you. 
  1. Easy to pull off: Additionally, the adhesives make it very easy for any determined child to remove the straps.

Overall, while they are not very strong, we love how versatile these straps are. They are a good option for those on a budget who want to babyproof more than just cabinets.

  • Best for Keeping It Stylish:

Heoath Baby Proofing Latches

The Heoath Baby Proofing Latches are also adhesive latches. They are designed in such a way that the best things you can use them on are compartments with two sides that are equal in height. This mostly includes cabinets with double doors.


  1. Design: One major advantage it has over most babyproofing safety locks is its color and style. They are black and their design is not really locklike, so they blend nicely with almost every home decor.
  1. Easy to use: While the adhesive attachment is not one of its strengths, it makes up for this in how convenient it is to use.


  1. Functionality: Homes with single-doored cabinets or drawers wouldn’t be able to use it. In all, this product is a bit limited when it comes to functionality.
  1. Quality: It also isn’t a good option if you’re looking for something long-lasting, but its looks makes it a worthwhile investment for parents who appreciate the style or are concerned with their decor.
  • Big Budget Pick:

Munchkin Xtraguard Latches

The Munchkin Xtraguard is also one of those strappy babyproofing products with an adhesive base that is easy to love. 


  1. Complexity: It stands out from other strap locks because of its dual button release that even older children can’t find a way around easily.
  1. Easy to install: Installation needs no extra tools which is also a big win.
  1. Versatility: The straps also mean that they are quite versatile and can be used in almost every room in the house.


  1. Can be messy: We found that the adhesive on these latches leaves a bit of sticky residue when you eventually remove them.
  1. Design: Another con is that they stand out against the home design because of their large size and color. 
  1. Price: These locks are a bit more expensive compared to other safety lock options.

If you aren’t concerned about how they look and don’t mind spending a bit more on child-proofing, then these baby safety locks are a great find.

Final thoughts 

With an extensive review, finding a good babyproofing safety lock no longer has to be a hassle. 

All you have to do is go through our compilation and find the one best suited for you, your home, your child, and your budget.

Additionally, using a baby gate is also a great choice when you need to seal off a space entirely rather than proof it. Though they can be a bit expensive, your child’s safety should always be priority.