The anti-aging skincare market is huge, and we often wonder if all of these products can live up to their claims. Can an ointment really erase wrinkles? Can a serum actually reduce age spots?

The truth is that it’s a lot easier to prevent early aging than it is to reverse it. According to the experts, the skin starts to age in your twenties, and that’s the time to adopt a thorough skin care routine.

The question is, how many products do you need to create an effective skin care routine and what’s the best skin care routine order?

Read on as we talk about putting together both a morning skin care routine and a night skin care routine that will help you to make the most of your products.

What Skin Care Products Do You Need?

Some of the most ardent skin care enthusiasts have an entire arsenal of products. If you’re new to skin care, you might not understand what all of these products are for, but feel the need to buy them, anyway.

The truth is that it’s better to have a handful of quality skin care products, like cleansers and serums, than a cabinet full of cheap products. Browse this website to get a sense of what quality skin products include and stock up today.

Now, let’s talk about common skin care products, what they’re for, and if you need them.

Cleansers and Makeup Removers

Cleansers and makeup removers, sometimes combined into a single product, are a must. If you have dry skin, you should try something that is oil-based, which can remove excess oils and pollutants without drying out your skin. Use a water-based cleanser if you have oily or acne-prone skin. 


Most skin care routines will suggest the use of a toner in addition to a cleanser. The truth is that as long as you are using a pH-balanced cleanser, you don’t need a toner. In fact, you should only consider a toner necessary if you have oily or acne-prone skin that isn’t cleared up with a cleanser, alone.


There are all sorts of serums on the market, and while you’ll want to base your serum purchase on your specific skin care needs, we do recommend using a azelaic 10 serum. Serums help to fortify skin with vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants that moisturizers, alone, can’t deliver. You can find serums designed to fight acne, even out your skin tone, fight signs of aging, increase hydration, and more.

Spot Treatments and Eye Creams

Spot treatments and eye creams are designed for targeted use. Eye creams, in particular, can benefit anyone, because the skin around your eyes is thin and prone to wrinkling. You should only consider additional spot treatments if you have age spots or other inconsistencies in your pigmentation.


Like cleansers, moisturizers are an absolute must. Moisturizers prevent your skin from drying out, which can make wrinkles and other imperfections more noticeable. A high-quality moisturizer will help your skin to retain elasticity and hydration, which will slow down the signs of aging. 

Facial Oils

Facial oils aren’t a must, but they can be a nice addition if you’re looking for that dewy glow. Facial oils are often made from plant extracts and other organic materials that are combined with a hydrating carrier oil. The benefits of facial oils vary based on the variety you use, but they’re typically designed to lock in moisture and protect your skin from toxins and pollutants.


If you’re tracking here, there are two things we’ve already said that you can’t skip: cleanser and moisturizer. The third thing that you should never skip, even on a cloudy day, is sunscreen. The majority of skin damage is caused by UV exposure, which breaks down the skin’s elasticity and can permanently damage every layer of your skin. 

Facial Masks

Many skin care aficionados use a facial mask once or twice a week. While they aren’t a must, they can enhance your skin health and provide a spa-like experience at home. Popular choices include exfoliating masks, clay masks, and hydrating sheet masks.

Morning Skin Care Routine Order

Now that you know more about what to buy, let’s talk about the order in which you should use your skin care products. In the morning, you will want to follow these steps:

  1. Use your cleanser and pat your face dry
  2. If you’re using a toner, apply it now using cotton balls or a soft microfiber cloth
  3. Apply your serum in a light, even layer
  4. Use any spot treatments or eye creams that you have handy
  5. Apply a pea-sized portion of moisturizer to your face in a gentle, upward motion
  6. Apply a layer of sunscreen to your face and neck

Once this routine is done, you can carry on with your makeup routine or go on with your day fresh-faced.

Night Skin Care Routine Order

Believe it or not, you should also develop a nighttime skin care routine. This will remove the pollutants and oils that have accumulated throughout the day and provide a strong moisture barrier while you sleep. Follow these steps:

  1. Use your cleanser and pat your face dry
  2. If you’re using a toner, apply it now
  3. Apply your serum in a light, even layer.
  4. Use any spot treatments you have handy as well as a nighttime eye cream
  5. Apply your moisturizer or, if you have it, an overnight moisturizing cream

If you have a facial mask, use it once a week between steps two and three. 

Do Skin Care Right With This Guide 

There are so many skin care products and skin care routine tips floating around and it’s hard to know what you really need to do. This guide offers the best skin care routine order and accounts for the products you should have, the products you may want, and when to use them.

Looking for more health and beauty tips? Take a look around as we share more information you need to know.