Maintaining a friendship is hard enough on its own, but what happens when your friends are far away – in another city, another country, or even on another continent?

A BFF surprise is an exciting way for both of you to show your affection and love for each other. Who else, if not a best friend, will take on the task of organizing a surprise birthday party?

If your best friend is also far away, but you still want to surprise her for her special day, then, in the following lines, you will find unique ideas to turn this idea into a reality.

Surprise Her With A Gift At Her Workplace Or At Home

A sentimental and creative way to make your long-distance friend happy is to send the gift to her and have it delivered to her workplace or home by choosing an option of the same day delivery in Melbourne.

You can add a beautiful bouquet of flowers to your gift and complete it with a greeting card. Be sure that she hardly expected such a surprise, and you will certainly make her day very special.

Send A Birthday Card

If your best friend likes traditional gifts and surprises, you can make her happy by sending her a classic birthday card in the mail. However, do not buy a pre-written card. Try to write your own message instead that still wishes Happy Birthday but adds a little more thought and personality. It’s a touching gesture that she’s sure to appreciate.

Balloons, Of Course

What’s a birthday without balloons? Don’t leave your best friend without balloons on her birthday, even from a distance. There is a very easy way to surprise her with beautiful, colorful balloons on her special day.

All you have to do is buy birthday balloons, fill them with helium, put them in a suitable box and send it for delivery to an address. Ask the courier company about the exact day and time of delivery in advance, so as not to have the opposite effect of the surprise.

Plan A Movie Night

Most likely, you both really miss the days when you used to get together for pajama parties, girls’ night, etc. But due to the fact that you no longer live close to each other, these pleasant emotions are difficult to achieve.

In fact, it’s not that difficult to recreate such an evening by simply planning a convenient time for both of you. Pick a movie, put on your cameras, pour yourself a drink and enjoy a wonderful evening, even from a distance. Most likely you both need similar relief, so this would be a great suggestion from you.

Create A Birthday Playlist

You can make your friend’s birthday fun in the morning by preparing a playlist of music that she likes. Pick her and your mutual favorite songs and share the playlist with her on her birthday. In this way, she will start her day in a good mood and will have the motivation to celebrate from the morning.

Record A Sentimental Video

Yes, it is much easier to write the birthday wish in a message or on one of the social networks, but since it is about your best friend, you most likely want to surprise her with something really original. Instead of texting her a birthday wish, record a video of yourself singing “Happy Birthday” to her or telling funny stories from your friendship.

Be sure that she will hardly expect such a surprise from you and this video will make her very happy. In the video, you can talk about interesting things that happened to you, your funny moments, the qualities that make her your best friend and why you care about her. You will surely make her day unforgettable and her birthday very exciting.

Throw A Virtual Surprise Party

You didn’t think that surprise parties could only happen if you were in the same place! You can make your best friend happy with a virtual surprise party to which you have invited your close friends in advance.

Prepare balloons in the background, play soft music, and have fun together even from a distance. You can tell her in advance that you will call her for a video call under the pretext that you want to congratulate her on her birthday. She certainly wouldn’t have expected to see the rest of your friends gathered in one place.

Have A Birthday Cake Delivered To Her Home

If your bestie lives alone, she may miss out on this important treat. You can order online and choose the size, decorations, flavor, and price of the cake and have it delivered to her home at a time you know she’ll be home.

You’ll most likely get a call after the surprise, and you’ll be able to have a video call where you sing “Happy Birthday” to her and she blows out the candles. Your bestie will surely appreciate the gesture, and you will make her special day even more special.

Birthday Countdown

One really original way you can make your best friend feel special is by creating a birthday countdown for her. It will show her how excited you are and that you’re happily waiting for her birthday.

Countdown tools in different apps let you post her photos online every day. The virtual birthday countdown is a unique way to create a sense of excitement, even if there’s no cake or candles!

Make One Of Her Dreams Come True

Your precious best friend has surely shared with you many times what she dreams about. Perhaps a vacation in an exotic place, attending a concert of a favorite artist or group, watching an opera or other performance, etc.

What better way to make her truly happy on her birthday than by gifting her tickets and making one of her dreams come true? You just need to research the venue in advance, ask her if she has plans for the particular day, and make the reservation.

She will be infinitely grateful to you for the fact that even from a distance, you really think about her and her happiness.

Surprise Her With A Visit

Of course, the best way to make her birthday truly exciting is to surprise her in person. If you have the time and opportunity, it will be a most pleasant and unexpected surprise for her. Prepare a nice gift for her ahead of time and give it to her in person. You can find out when she will be home by asking her family members.

Find out in advance that she has not made plans to travel or go out, because this is a very important factor. If all goes according to plan, this will be one of her most memorable birthdays.


Knowing that distance does not necessarily diminish friendship, on the contrary, it often even strengthens it and contributes to more friendly relationships!

After all, true friendship is not based on the quantity of times you meet someone but on the quality of those meetings, even if they happen infrequently or at a distance.

A good friend should be cherished and given the attention, love, and care they deserve. Your best friend is most likely like a sister to you, so she deserves the best for her birthday!