The concept of a christening might sound a little old-fashioned today, but lots of people still choose to honour the tradition. Even if you aren’t looking to christen your child, a lot of people are using parties such as baby showers to give and receive gifts the same way a christening would function in the past.

If you’ve been invited to such an event, or you’re thinking of throwing one, here are a few thoughtful and traditional gift ideas that are perfect for babies.

Baby Newborn Infant


Baby rattles are a tried-and-true toy for any infant. The first recorded example of a baby rattle dates back 2,500 years, so you know they’re a great choice. Any kind of rattle would be a welcome gift for a baby, but if you want something befitting a special event like a christening then you can opt for more traditional designs or materials.

Antique silver rattles are often crafted in a single line shape, with multiple bells attached. Sometimes, unique models were made in the forms of instruments like trumpets or creatures such as mermaids. An antique rattle is a wonderful gift, making for a beautiful piece of décor that the recipient is sure to treasure when they’re older. You could even include a modern and baby-safe rattle as well so that the new arrival has something to play with until they’re old enough for the antique.

Photo Frames

Photograph frames are an excellent choice for anyone wanting to make the right impression at a christening. Saving precious memories of the new baby while they’re so young is a natural part of parenthood, and you can be the vessel for saving those memories with this gift.

As is the case with most traditional christening gifts, silver is the way to go with photo frames. Silver is a traditional christening gift as it represents purity which in turn is naturally linked to infants. Furthermore, silver is believed to be a good christening gift because it acts as a nest egg for the child to utilise in the future. A lot of silver photograph frames are ideal for christening gifts, coming in a huge range of sizes and styles, often featuring engravings that reflect the importance of the event.

Charm Bracelets

A charm bracelet is an excellent christening gift that is both unique and traditional. Also often made of silver, christening charm bracelets can be personalised to the recipient as much as you wish. Although traditionally these bracelets are made to fit the baby, it is a more modern idea to get a bracelet that might better fit the baby when they’re grown so that they can enjoy it as an adult.

The charms you choose to include should reflect the family of the baby, representing their roots so they can always remember how their unique life came to be. With jewellery chain stores like Pandora and others that sell charms of almost all kinds, there are a lot of options for you to choose from, meaning your gift can be perfectly individualised. 

Religious Items

Although a christening is a religious event, a lot of non-religious people choose to have their babies christened. Equally, a lot of religious people do not have religious ceremonies that equate a christening in their faith. For more devout friends and family, perhaps a more traditionally religious christening gift is a good gift to commemorate the birth of their child.

Regardless of the religion in question, there are always mementos that are symbolic of all faiths that would be excellent gifts. Equally, to diversify the surroundings of the new-born, consider giving gifts from other faiths so that they can have a more varied environment. Religion is a sensitive subject for many, however, so consider discussing this idea with the child’s parents before making a purchase.

Piggy Bank

Back to more typical christening type gifts, a piggy bank is a great one. Again, silver is a popular choice for children’s piggy banks, but you can go for a more traditional ceramic model if you wish. Piggy banks are a fun gift to give to a child at any age. Both practical and beautiful, they teach children about financial responsibility as well as remaining cute and fun.

Putting a few quid in before you give the gift is traditional, and it will be especially fun for the baby to hear the pleasant clinking of the coins in the bank. There are some well-known luxury brands that make christening gifts like this, such as Tiffany & Co., but you can even make your own piggy bank from papier-mâché for a more personal touch.

So, there you have it, a few fun and traditional christening gift ideas for the new babies in your life. The next time you get an invite to join the parents in their celebration, consider this list when thinking about what to get for their little one.