When you’re a mother, so much of your life is appointments. Between our personal appointments, the appointments of our children, and all of the errands we run in daily life, it can feel like your whole life is one appointment after the next. This can make us put off things that we should do. When we are doing our best to cultivate health and well-being for ourselves and our families, the hard work will pay off. Some things you can put off, but below are five appointments you should keep up for yourself and your children.

The Dentist

The dentist appointment is one of the most hated. Who likes going to get their teeth worked on? Kids especially hate the dentist. They need to be prepared. The truth of it is, though, the more you go to the dentist the easier it is. Whether you are just getting a cleaning or must get a major operation, going to your dentist appointment will likely help you avoid further turmoil in the future.

The same goes for your kids. Kids don’t do the best job brushing their teeth or flossing. We only have one set of teeth. It is important for everyone to routinely see the dentist. Luckily, there are dentists everywhere. If you are looking for a dentist in Moreno Valley, Riverside, or Orange County, there are plenty of options to find the right dentist for you and your children.

Routine Physicals

Another dreaded appointment is the routine physical. It is especially dreaded when you are getting your blood drawn. Still, to avoid further complications in the future, you can cultivate health in your life and the life of your children by routinely seeing a doctor. Physicals are important. They let you and your doctor know what’s going on.

Even if it is just something minor, you will be able to know about it and do what’s best for it. When it comes to your children, understanding what health risks there are early will facilitate their health in the future. No one wants to go to a physical, but you should get in the habit of going at least once a year.

Therapy Sessions

Therapy is no longer stigmatized the way it used to be. So many kinds of people can benefit from seeing a therapist. Whether you are dealing with childhood trauma, depression, anxiety, stress, or a more significant mental health problem, therapy can be the start of a mental health journey.

Whether you are still dealing with your childhood or want to get a handle on what is going on with your child, therapy is something that should be utilized. It doesn’t indicate there is “something wrong” with you or your kids. Instead, it indicates that you are doing what’s right for you and your children.


As a woman and a mother, it is necessary to attend your gynecology appointments. You should go to the gynecologist every year. Unless you are pregnant, then you will go much more often. It isn’t important to take care of yourself in this regard. You should get a pap smear every five years or so. You can also get tested for HPV and cervical cancer. Even if you don’t think that anything is wrong, it’s vital to attend your gynecology appointments.

Eye Exams

Another thing you should maintain every year is your eye exams. Going to the optometrist every year is pivotal because your eyesight degrades. When your eyesight gets worse, caring for it will help you maintain your sight and work towards seeing more comfortably. If you are nearsighted, farsighted, or both, going to your eye exams can help you keep your vision. The same goes for your children. If they need glasses early, waiting might end up harming their vision in the long run.

As a mother, your life feels completely booked. Your schedule is probably hectic. Even if you are a stay-at-home mom, you are busy. Being a mom is a full-time job. It isn’t easy but putting in the effort to keep your appointments is good for you and your children. There are some things you can avoid, but keeping the five appointments above will help you in several ways.