There was once upon a time when a house was just a place to lay our heads at night and be protected from the elements. But today, we ask for much more from our properties. And rightly so. It’s not as if they’re giving away homes; if you’re a homeowner, then, chances are, you’ll have paid more than a pretty penny for the privilege. So it’s reasonable that we have high expectations for our homes. And while the prospect of developing a good home can seem daunting, it’s not really — it’s just about understanding the factors that contribute to having a good home and then making sure that your home has them.

In this blog, we’ll go through the essentials that all good properties should have.

Space for Everyone

It’s hard to live well if it feels like everyone is crowded into a space that’s too small to accommodate everyone. While you’ll very much be a collective unit, everyone in your family is an individual and should have space to themselves. If it feels like it’s impossible to be alone in a house, then eventually, problems will develop. Of course, there’s nothing that you can do to change the concrete size of your house, but there are ways to make it more spacious. For instance, you could clear out clutter or get rid of a guest room. 

Staying Warm/Cool

First and foremost, your home should offer protection from the elements. There’s nothing worse than returning home on a cold January day, only to find that the interior of the property is just as cold as outside. In this day and age, there are a million and one ways to improve the temperature of your home. Mostly it comes down to having a good HVAC system and robust insulation, which will keep hot/cold air inside your home. 


We take a lot for granted in the modern world. We assume that when we turn on a tap or flush a toilet, it’ll work. That hasn’t always been the case. And you might also find that it’s still not always the case at your home. A plumbing problem can be annoying at best, to outright problematic at worst. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on any signs of trouble with your plumbing system and handle them as soon as they appear. Small problems can usually be fixed in next to no time, but if issues are allowed to develop, then you could face more serious problems, such as mold. 

Working Electricals

We also assume that when we hit a light switch, the light will come on. If it doesn’t come on, then there’s something pretty wrong. This isn’t something that you should attempt to fix yourself unless you’ve been specially trained since electrical systems can be extremely dangerous. If you have any issues, then get in touch with a professional for electrical repairs. It’s a good idea to check that all aspects of your electrical system are working as they should, and be especially mindful if you add a lot of new electrical appliances to your home. 

A Secure Unit 

A good home keeps the elements out of the house. If your house lets in drafts, then you’ll find it difficult to really enjoy all the benefits that having a house should bring. If you identify the draft, which will normally be via a window, then take steps to seal it up. Your home should also be entirely waterproof. If it’s not, then you could face serious long-term problems. Most leaks come via the roof, so be sure to periodically have an expert look things over. Your roof also won’t last forever; you should replace it every 20-30 years (depending on the material).

Handling Annoying Aspects 

A good home works for your family, not against it. If your home is riddled with annoying aspects, then you could find it difficult to really sink into all the pleasures that it should bring. One of the more annoying problems a homeowner can have is a loud neighbor. If you’re continually hearing their music or other goings on, then be sure to take action. This could involve speaking to them directly or soundproofing your property. It’s generally a good idea to actively foster good relationships with your neighbors; if you can do that, then you’ll avoid many future problems. 

Friday Nights at Home 

There are times when you’ll have no interest in going out. In fact, that could be your view for the majority of the winter months. As such, it’s a good idea to figure out how you can have fun without leaving home. After all, the weather might be bad, but you don’t want to be bored. One of the best investments you can make is taking the time to get your living room up to standard. You’ll be able to enjoy a good Friday night at home with your family if you have a comfortable couch, blankets, and a modern TV with a subscription service. 

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Organization and Tidiness 

Tidying and organizing your home won’t be the most fun activity you can think of, but it is important. It’s just not all that enjoyable to live in a cluttered and dirty property, and unless you can afford to hire a cleaner, then it’s something that you’ll have to do yourself. Remember, however, that the responsibility shouldn’t fall entirely on your shoulders. Everyone should chip in, even the kids! A happy home is one where everyone contributes what they can. 

Ongoing Improvements

Finally, remember that just because a home is good once upon a time, that doesn’t mean that it’ll be that way forever. Part of protecting your investment and ensuring that it’s always a pleasant place to live is the ongoing management and improvement part. There’s nearly always something you can do that’ll make your home a slightly more pleasant place to live. 

Take all of the tips we’ve outlined above, and you’ll be on your way to having a home that works for you and your family.