Today, technology and work have kept us occupied to the point that we don’t even have a minute for ourselves or our family members. It has led to frequent burnout and increased stress. That said, we must ensure our physical and psychological well-being is balanced.  

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Every individual has a different view of how they want to relax. Some prefer going on walks or joining a club, whereas others enjoy outdoor activities like traveling. Traveling is not only about exploring new places but is also an opportunity to spend quality time with the family and get to know them better. 

From strengthening relationships to improving your health, these are only some benefits of a family holiday. Let’s discuss in detail why you should plan a family gateway if you haven’t in a long time. 

Besides helping you build lifelong memories, a family vacation is a perfect excuse to step out of the regular routine, experience new cultures and cuisines, and meet new people.

A family vacation is also a learning opportunity. The real learning process is not confined to pages or within four walls but takes place in the wilderness of the world. Planning a family holiday is an opportunity to interact and learn about the people close to you and the environment. 

So, if you want an adventure-filled yet memorable trip, Gatlinburg, Tennessee, is an ideal holiday spot. After booking cabins with game rooms in Gatlinburg TN, the fun begins. So, along with getting ample rest, you also have access to keeping yourself entertained before the adventure begins. 

You should always make a bucket list to ensure you don’t miss out on fun activities or famous tourist attractions. With that in mind, here are a few destinations you could add to your list. 

  1. Go to a dinner show

Among the list of to-do things you shouldn’t miss when planning a family holiday to Gatlinburg is the dinner show. Although the Great Smoky Mountain area has plenty to offer regarding food, it also provides tons of entertainment.  

Among the prominent dinner shows you shouldn’t miss is the Hatfield and McCoy dinner show. The family feud comedy show ensures families have the time of their lives. 

With amazing stunts, a 22-foot swimming pole, dancing, and singing, guests also enjoy authentic country cuisine. This includes fried chicken, mashed potatoes, homemade rolls, and Granny’s special dessert. Besides dairy-free options, vegan meals and vegetarian are also available. 

Another dinner show you wouldn’t want to miss is Dolly Parton’s Stampede. If your family has a knack for action and enjoys fireworks, fasten your seatbelts to experience an action-packed show like no other. What sets this show apart is that it begins with a live music performance featuring musicians and singers who set the mood. 

The stampede concludes with a musical tribute featuring a song written and sung by Dolly Parton. In addition, a four-course meal is also served to leave an everlasting expression on visitors. 

  1. Have a fun-filled picnic in Cade’s Cove

A family holiday is about how wisely you spend your time creating a fun-filled experience. Plan a picnic at Cade’s Cove to make the most of the trip. Enjoy your lunch by the water and feel the cool water running through your toes. 

Before heading out to the area, make sure you know your way. The picnic area accommodates visitors on a first-serve basis with 81 individual sites, each with a proper picnic table and a grill.

If you forgot to pack lunch, don’t worry, the Cade Cove Trading Company has you covered. It is nestled between the picnic area and the campground. The deli has several options, from made-to-order food to grab-and-go. Additionally, you can check out the camp store for chips, soda, and even ice cream for a lighter snack. 

  1. Don’t skip hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains

With several miles of trails, choosing a particular one is overwhelming. When picking a trail, consider whether it’s easy enough for everyone to enjoy.

Baskin Creek Falls must be on your list. The trail is accessible from the roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail. In the beginning, the elevation gains of this particular trail are very slight; you’ll have a breathtaking view of the mountain. This specific trail is best for those families who want to avoid crowds for some time.  

The hiking trail list is incomplete if you haven’t included Laurel Falls. There are several reasons why it is the most popular trail of the Smokys. One common reason the hike provides hikers with an astonishing view of the 80-foot waterfall. Since the trail is generally considered moderate, you shouldn’t have issues getting to the top. 

To click some of the best pictures of the waterfall, consider an early morning hike when the crowd is less. Additionally, families must be cautious of two things, the drop-offs and the bears.      

  1. Don’t forget to include Anakeesta in your bucket list

Climb at the top of the mountain, enjoy the spectacular view of the Great Smoky Mountains, and explore quaint villages offering exciting activities and delicious treats. 

One of the famous attractions of Anakeesta is the Treetop Skywalker, where visitors can have fun walking through the trees on the wooden bridge. Moreover, the dueling Zipline is the perfect anecdote if you are looking for some thrills. A few more fun-filled activities you and your kids can check out are the Rail Runner Mountain Coaster and the Tree venture challenge course.  

Besides fun things and breathtaking views, the adventure park is also known for its food. So, if you want an elevating dining experience, Anakeesta is the place for you. 

For a casual meal, nothing comes close to the Smokehouse. The restaurant offers slow-roasted meat like pulled pork with a smokey flavor and a salad of your choice on the side. For steaks and gourmet foods like hamburgers, check out Cliff Top.       


A family vacation is not only a time to lay back a little and relax; it is an opportunity to mend relationships, experience joy together, and create memories. Planning a family trip might be daunting and heavy on the wallet, but in the end, the experience is worth it.  

If you and your family want to escape city life for an exhilarating experience, consider visiting Gatlinburg, Tennessee. From jaw-dropping mountain views to fun-filled activities, the place will surely leave you craving for more.