As a social networking platform, Facebook allows its users to connect, interact, and engage with colleagues, friends, relatives, and even strangers. Creating a Facebook profile account is free. The accounts can be used by businesses, brands, organizations, or celebrities to promote content. Additionally, sharing images, videos, and articles on interesting topics will get you Facebook free likes.

When it comes to growing the Facebook account of your business, two metrics stand out, your number of followers and the likes you get per post. But which of these two is more important when analyzing the growth of your page? Read on as we break down the differences between followers and likes and how they impact your marketing strategies. 

What Are Likes and Followers?

Facebook pages are publicly available and can be easily searched by someone who has taken an interest in your brand. If someone likes your page, they also start following it by default. Your content will be available on their news feed and page actions like comments, shares, and likes. Someone can also decide to like your page without following it. When they do this, they don’t get an update of your future content in their newsfeed. Some will only follow the page and not like it. People who do this aim to see the content on your page. However, those who like and follow your page simply inform the Facebook algorithm that they’d like your content on top of their news feed.

So Which One of Them Is More Important?

Neither of them is more important than the other. Generally, you aim to get your fanbase number to grow by having them follow your page. The more followers you have, the more your posts get seen. This means more people will interact with your contenting, leading to more shares and reposts. 

The likes you get on your post can also affect its visibility. The more likes it has, the more likely the algorithm will show it to more people. Also, if people like your content, it increases their chances of commenting on it. The algorithm then shows your post on their friends’ timelines, letting them know that someone they know commented on a post. This means your post reaches a wider audience, increasing engagement and visibility. 

How to Get More Likes and Followers?

You can increase your Facebook page numbers by:

  • Inviting friends, family, and colleagues to like your page.
  • Boosting your Facebook posts or advertising on Facebook by targeting a specific audience.
  • Creating viral and trending topics about your niche.
  • Making relevant content for your followers.
  • Posting consistently to give your Facebook page value and continuous engagement.
  • Doing partnerships with influencers or celebrities who can promote your brand. 


It is important to take advantage of your likes and followers and get the best out of your Facebook page. The best way to increase your followers and get more likes on your page and posts is by posting relevant content that people find interesting. It will also help if you interact with your audience in the comments. Lastly, learn to post when most of your target audience is online. You can also use Facebook ads to reach a wider and more specific audience.