Keeping your carpet clean is essential in maintaining a healthy environment in your home. Cleaning the carpets can be hectic but choosing the best cleaning method saves you energy and unnecessary long drying time. Dry carpet cleaning has significantly overtaken the wet carpet cleaning method. However, before you embark on dry cleaning your carpet, it’s important to carefully understand the whole procedure. You may also simply want to reach out to a professional when it comes to carpet cleaning, as a company like VIP Carpet Cleaning can handle the whole process from start to finish.

How To Clean Your Carpets Using This Technique

As the name suggests, the process involves the use of little or no moisture. It’s simply the use of cleaning compounds to clean the carpet. Dry carpet cleaning can be divided into the following three methods.

  • Dry Compound Method
  • Encapsulation method
  • The dry ice method

Dry Compound Method

This process involves spreading a cleaning compound on the surface of your carpet. 

The compound absorbs the dirt in the carpet leaving it clean after you brush it off. 

A professional from a local carpet cleaning business has shared the steps to get the perfect results. Check them out below.

  • Buy the best dry-cleaning compound of your choice

Get the right cleaning compound ideal for your carpet. 

You can choose a solvent, regulated laundry soap, a dry powder or an absorbent formulation. 

Experts recommend the dry powder as it is easy to apply and clean.

  • Vacuum Your Carpet

Vacuum your carpet thoroughly before applying your cleaning compound.

This ensures that you get rid of dust and other particles present in the carpet’s fibres.

  • Spread your compound on the surface of your carpet

It’s advisable to read the manufacturer’s menu before applying the cleaning compound to your carpet. 

Spread the compound evenly on the surface of the carpet as prescribed on the menu. 

To get the best out of the cleaning, allow the compound to rest as per the manufacturer’s advice.

  • Focus on the stains

Pay more attention to the stained parts of your carpet. 

Use a soft brush on such areas to ensure that the compound reaches in the deeper fibres of your stained areas. 

This will ensure you get rid of the stains while you finally clean up the compound.

  • Vacuum Up Your Carpet

Vacuum up your carpet to get rid of the already used cleaning compound. 

The Encapsulation method

This method looks more like shampooing but it’s different. The encapsulation dry cleaning solution has a crystalizing, acrylic polymer. This cleans out dirt from your carpet. Below are the steps to take for successful cleaning of your carpet with this method;

  • Vacuum your carpet

Vacuum your carpet to get rid of any loose dirt and debris. 

Focus more on stained and more used areas. 

Like, you should focus more on the area leading to the door than the area beneath the table.

  • Dilute your encapsulating solution

Mix hot water with the prescribed amount of the encapsulating solution. 

Using highly concentrated solutions may end up damaging the quality of your carpet. 

Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and get ready to work on your carpet. 

Though this procedure is not completely dry, it only involves a little moisture thus it’s classified under dry cleaning methods.

  • Spray the mixture on your carpet

Hold the nozzle cross to the surface of the carpet and spray gently into the carpet’s fibres. 

Spray more solution on the most stained area and make sure you do not dampen your carpet. 

This is supposed to be purely dry cleaning.

  • Allow the solution to rest

After uniformly spraying your solution, allow it to rest on the carpet for a minimum of 15 minutes. 

You can consider using a fan or cloth to speed up the drying process. 

Avoid stepping on the carpet until the process is complete.

  • Vacuum up the entire carpet

Thoroughly vacuum the whole carpet to remove the encapsulated debris. 

In the end, you should have a light and sparkly clean carpet. 

Repeat the encapsulation process if the carpet doesn’t seem clear to you.

The Dry Ice Method

To effectively dry clean your carpet with ice, go for the dry one and not the soggy one. This is the easiest way of dry cleaning your carpet. This is all you need to do in this process

  • Spread your carpet outside and evenly put dry ice on its surface
  • Give it enough time for the ice to freeze on the carpet
  • Brush off the ice from the carpet
  • The frozen ice falls along with dirt leaving you with a sparkling clean carpet


Will my carpet shrink?

Depending on the carpet you are using, some carpets are prone to shrinking while others are not. Check with your manufacturer to know how your carpet reacts. Luckily, there are always measures you can take to prevent the shrinking of your carpet.

Is it true that carpets get dirtier after being cleaned?

Carpets get dirty easily depending on the volume of droppings in your house. You can prevent it from getting dirty by ensuring its fully dried before returning it into the room.

How long does the cleaning process take?

With the latest cleaning equipment, dry carpet cleaning will take up to a maximum of 2 hours. Though it depends on the size and the stains of your carpets.

Do I have to remove all furniture during the cleaning process?

It’s not necessary. However, you may be required to remove any small devices that are fragile. Instead of removing the heavy furniture, you can push them to the wall. That should create enough space for the cleaners. 


Dry carpet cleaning is the best caring treatment you can give to your carpet. A wet cleaning process will most likely leave you with wet parts allowing the growth of molds and filthy smell in your home. 

Carpet cleaning is not for the professionals alone, you can as well do it at the comfort of your home. If you follow the procedures above, you’ll have no need of hiring a professional. However, if the stains are too tough on you, get help from a carpet cleaning expert.