Returning to studies after long holidays can be stressful. You were just chilling the whole summer, and now you have to pull yourself together and start working hard. During this time, some kids might run late for their classes, skip lessons, or come up with some illnesses to stay home. In the majority of cases, the reason behind it could be simply the habit of waking up late, hanging out till late at night, and general summer laziness. Moreover, students who start their final year at school and will soon apply to college might experience anxiety and high pressure to begin this important year in their life. 

However, this transitional period can be less hard if there is support from the parents. For instance, you as a parent can simply spend more time with your children, talk with them about their problems, help them find a good way to study after this break, etc. 

It’s crucial to ensure comfort during this period, making their first days predictable and worry-free. Such support from parents will be extremely beneficial for children’s mental health. 

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So, as a parent, what can you do to help your children get back to their studies now and make the whole process less challenging? Here below you can find our ideas that will help your kids keep learning effectively with minimum stress during their next academic year.

Establish a routine & a schedule

Agree with your child upon reasonable time to come back home and go to bed. Make also sure they wake up at the same time, have breakfast, and in general follow the established routine. It will keep them organized in relation to other activities too. Being organized is an effective study skill that they will need to master before getting into college.

Work together towards the set goals

No matter what academic year it will be, you and your child need to set goals to achieve. They could be related to future academic degrees, like a new subject, or it could be just some new sport your child would like to try this year. Brainstorm the ideas together and decide what would be beneficial for the new year. Be sure that you are on the same page with your expectations.

Create a study space

It is also quite important to find new ways to study effectively.  Making the environment suitable and comfortable for learning could be your solution. Having a specially designated space for studying will help your kids separate academic and after-classes life. Moreover, that will improve their time management as in this space they will only need to do their homework. Let them relax and entertain themselves in other rooms.

You might also find it helpful to discuss with them some effective study strategies to apply when doing various home assignments. Another good way to study is to use such techniques as Pomodoro, for instance, which can help your kids stay focused longer and boost their overall productivity. 

Take care of their health

Don’t forget to invest in both the physical and mental health of your children. First, ensure you have open communication where they can share their fears, doubts, and thoughts. Validate their feelings and consider having sessions with a psychologist if needed. In addition to that, promote a healthy and active lifestyle by cooking nutritious and balanced meals and doing exercises regularly. Encourage your kid to do sports too as physical activity will increase their learning abilities for sure. 

We also recommend monitoring your children’s sleeping habits. Having enough hours of sleep is crucial for everyone, however, it is often underestimated by the youth. They can easily deprive themselves of precious sleep just to have more fun with friends or to study more before the exams. This habit is harmful, and such behavior is quite irresponsible. You should try to communicate with your kids the importance of sleep and proper time management. Perhaps, showing your example here would be even more helpful.

Keep track of your kids’ pastime

Surely, we all want to unwind and chill after a hectic working week. The same applies to your children. Even if this is their final school year when all they do is study hard to get into college, you as a parent have to make sure they get enough quality rest. TV and video games are ok but in a moderate amount.