I have been trying to get out and enjoy mild fall temperatures lately, and rediscovered the Vischer Ferry Nature & Historic Preserve with a friend.  There are over 700 acres in the preserve, and many miles of trails to choose from.

I took Google Maps directions to the Preserve, which brought me to the Whipple Bridge Entrance. There are several entrances to the park, so you can choose a trailhead area depending on where you want to walk or where there is space.

There were just enough spots here, but there were also people parked along the road.

There is a trailhead here with some information, and places to sit. You can also find trail maps online.

The entrance to the trails started over a suspension bridge.

The trails here were all in great shape.  The paths were flat with fine crushed gravel.  There were no wet spots or roots.  The trails were nice and flat, and easy on the knees.

Even with leaves on some of the trail, it was a nice surface to walk on – smooth, no potholes.

We did notice some other trails that went into wooded areas, but stayed on the main paths.

We did see some wildlife while we were here, including turtles, ducks, and geese.

We walked to Historic Double Lock 19, looping back to the parking lot afterwards.

There was a lot of nice fall scenery to enjoy, from these burning bushes (which I realize are not a native species), to bittersweet berries.

Overall, I had a nice time visiting the preserve, and plan to return and walk some of the other trails.

Check out the Vischer Ferry Nature & Historic Preserve website.