Shopping for a Christmas tree as a family is a great tradition. You can make it into a special occasion, even a day of it, making memories together and kicking off the holiday season with a trip to choose a tree. This can be a local farm with pre-cut trees, or perhaps something a little more rural where you have to hike to choose a tree.

Made a Tradition of it

We tried to do this the same time every year, such as the Saturday after Thanksgiving, also known as “Small Business Saturday”.  We like to support our local businesses, so we shop at local farms.

Dress Warmly

In the New England area, it has always been pretty cold when we shop for our Christmas tree.  Make sure to dress warmly, to minimize any complaining about cold weather.  If shopping for your tree involves walking outdoors in the snow, make sure the kids are prepared with boots, snow pants, etc.

Establish Rules

Have some rules for when it comes to picking out a tree, so that there is no fighting among siblings, and so that you do not end up with a tree you don’t really want!  For example, set parameters for things like tree height or type of tree.

Warm Up

In addition to dressing warmly, it is fun to add in an element of bringing along some hot cocoa or going out for hot cocoa or something to eat after.

Get Decorating

Prepare and organize holiday decorations so that you can get decorating your tree. That way you can get settled in and get started with the festivities.

Celebrate at Home

Once you are home, you can have a festive celebration, from decorating the tree to decorating around the home. This could be your weekend of decorating and doing other traditions, from having a hot cocoa bar to making snow ice cream.