Snow ice cream is a fun, quick and easy treat you can make when you have fresh snow to work with!  We have tried other snow ice cream recipes, but this is definitely our favorite.


8-10 cups snow
14oz can sweetened condensed milk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
optional: chocolate syrup, sprinkles


Place about 8 cups of snow in large bowl. My kids love gathering up some snow after playing outside in some fresh snow.  It is a nice treat after getting fresh air and exercise!


I usually scoop a few extra cups of snow and keep it on the side in case I need to add it to get the consistency I want.  It depends on the type of snow you have as far as the consistency you may get, so you can start with 6-8 cups of snow and add as desired.

Snow Ice Cream

Pour the can of condensed milk over the snow and add vanilla.

Mix thoroughly and serve immediately.

You can also mix in chocolate syrup to make chocolate flavor ice cream!


Snow Ice Cream

 Adapted from a recipe found on the Food Network.