If you are considering tattoo removal in London, you might be wondering what it will look like after treatment. This is a common question asked by people who are thinking about laser tattoo removal, with many keen to know if their skin will go back to normal or if there will be any damage left behind. Read on to find out what your tattoo will look like post-laser removal.

Will my tattoo be completely removed?

The first thing that most people want to know when getting laser removal is if their tattoo will be completely removed. The good news is that yes, in most cases, a tattoo will be eliminated entirely. There will often be no sign of it after all the sessions are completed. Although, the complete removal of a tattoo can’t be guaranteed. Sometimes, the lasers can lighten or fade it to make it much less noticeable but leave a “shadow” image behind. A number of factors play a part it how easily a tattoo can be removed.
Firstly, the location of the tattoo is important in how effective the removal process is. Tattoo removal is easier in areas with higher blood counts and more lymph nodes, including the face, neck and back. Tattoos further down the body are harder to get rid of. Lifestyle factors can also play a major part in the effectiveness of laser tattoo removal. For example, smoking can make the procedure take a lot longer. Smokers tend to see less satisfactory results than non-smokers.

Will my skin be damaged after laser tattoo removal

Laser tattoo removal doesn’t damage the skin since the laser is carefully calibrated to target the ink only, leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed. However, you can expect some temporary side effects to occur in the hours and days following the treatment. These can range from redness and swelling to itching and blistering. These effects are very common and should disappear within two weeks.

You might also notice a “frosting” effect straight after laser removal. This gives the skin a somewhat chalky appearance. This is normal and simply means that carbon dioxide is being released from the skin. This is a temporary reaction that tends to last no more than half an hour after the treatment.

Will laser tattoo removal cause scarring?

Some people worry that laser tattoo removal will leave them with scars. Fortunately, this rarely happens when carried out correctly by a qualified practitioner. Whilst blisters and scabs are normal and are simply a sign the body is healing itself, scarring is uncommon. Picking or peeling your scabs after the tattoo removal procedure can increase the risk of scarring occurring, so try to avoid doing this.

Whilst it’s natural to want to know what your skin will look like after having a tattoo removed, it’s not always possible to say. Each person’s skin will react in a different way to the procedure. Having said this, in most cases, tattoos can be completely removed, with minimal side effects such as redness and blistering.