Attaching a Ponytail Hair Extension

A ponytail hair extension is frequently offered in various colors and styles. 

Each ponytail is unique. Some ponytails are built around a clip or grip, while others have clips on the side. 

Whatever ponytail hair accessory you choose will stay in place all day, thanks to the ingenious attachment. They are all made to be simple to use. 

Most ponytail hairpieces or extensions at New Times Hair look their best when applied over natural hair that has already been tied up in a ponytail, bun, or pleat. 

Once the ponytail attachment is in place, you can suddenly have long, luscious locks in a style that suits you.



Sleek High Ponytail

Pulling off this fashionable hairdo is far more straightforward than you think. A high ponytail style is not recommended when wearing a wig since it pulls the hair from the direction it is sewn to the cap. 

However, this is a stunning appearance for a ponytail hairpiece. 

The trick is to ensure that the hair in the front is neat and that the bun or ponytail you create with your own hair is already the right height. 

Before you connect your hairpiece, we advise using a tail comb to achieve a smoother, sleeker appearance.

We adore the aqua ponytail piece for this particular design since it can be wrapped around and quickly fastened over the top of your bun. 

You can encircle the root of the hairpiece where it meets your natural hair with a piece of hair from the hairpiece to give the effect of more natural hair.

Messy Ponytail

One of the easiest styles to pull off with either a synthetic or human hair ponytail piece is a messy ponytail. 

You don’t need to worry too much about where your ponytail is placed because it is one of the most natural-looking hairstyles. 

This design requires relatively little upkeep.

We advise utilizing a hair accessory with wavy or relaxed curls for this type of look, such as the Juice Ponytail Power Pieces. 

Once the hair accessory is in place, gently tease out the front sections of your hair with your hands to give yourself a relaxed appearance. 

If necessary, lightly backcomb the ends of the hairpiece to accentuate the waves and add volume.

Voluminous Ponytail

We advise using a ponytail accessory with built-in bounce, like the Brandy Ponytail Power Pieces, for a style with extra volume. But for this style, the front of the hair must be well done.

Backcomb your own hair at the root and set it with hairspray before putting it up in a ponytail or bun. If necessary, backcomb the ponytail hairpiece’s hair to increase volume, then set it with wig spray.

Low Ponytail

Depending on the intended look, this style works well with curly or straight hair pieces. 

Pull out some hair at the front and shape it to resemble the hair accessory.

The best technique to obtain a natural look for people with shorter hair is to have loose hair at the front and wear it in a curly or wavy ponytail. 

Before applying the hairpiece, ensure the ponytail or bun at the beginning is low enough and angled correctly.

Braided Ponytail

Braided ponytails are fantastic for special occasions like festivals, where your hair can be the show’s star. 

It can be a terrific way to change a classic style if your hair is long enough to braid from the front to the back of the head until it hits the ponytail hairpiece. 

The ponytail piece can also be braided, but you must be careful that the braid doesn’t make it too heavy.

Tips for a Natural Look

Overall, sloppy and casual looks work best to achieve a natural feel and appearance. 

Whatever style you choose, always wrap a piece of hair around the spot where your hair and the hairpiece connect. 

This will conceal any signs of the hairpiece and give the appearance of natural hair. 

Always keep in mind that you look your best when you’re relaxed. Wear your ponytail hairpiece in a way that suits you best.

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