When it comes to babies, every parent is conscious about their child’s comfort. Clothes are a basic necessity for every child, and since clothes directly interact with their skin, high-quality fabrics should be prioritized. Keep reading to discover our five top reasons to buy organic clothes for children.

Parents want the best things for their kids, especially when it comes to clothes. So it’s no surprise that organic clothes have gained popularity over the past few years. “Organic clothes” are prepared using organic substances, most commonly cotton. The materials are typically grown with rainwater instead of irrigated water, making organic cotton a sustainable solution for the clothing industry. Organic cotton is also grown without toxic chemicals, pesticides, or pollutants. As a result, organic clothes are hypo-allergenic, quite soft, and more suitable for kids’ sensitive skin.

5 Reasons to Buy Organic Clothes For Kids

1. Organic Clothes are Free From Toxic Materials and Safe for Baby’s Skin

Many infants’ skin is sensitive and prone to allergies. Dressing your child in organic clothing helps minimize the risk of skin irritation and rashes. Additionally, the pores of a baby’s skin more easily absorbs toxins than an adult’s skin. Therefore, it is a good idea to buy clothes prepared using organic sustainable fabric materials and avoid the risk of flare-ups.

2. Organic Clothes are Durable

Organic fabrics last longer and are more durable than conventional cotton. This is true of both clothing items and other products, like this kid’s sleep sack made of organic materials. They also hold their shape and color for longer, making organic goods a more budget-friendly option.

3. Organic Clothes Are Eco-Friendly

Some practices that farmers use to prepare organic clothing materials include the use of less water, the use of rainwater over irrigated water, decreasing their usage of chemicals and pesticides, preferring natural fertilizers, and managing crop rotation and organic amendments. All of the aforementioned practices are highly sustainable and eco-friendly.

Sustainable agricultural practices promote healthy environments for communities around the world and are a huge step towards controlling global warming and greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, eliminating the use of chemicals and pesticides has improved the health of farmers and other associated workers.

4. Organic Clothes Are Non-Allergenic

As previously mentioned, farmers adopt sustainable agricultural practices to eliminate the entry of harmful substances like toxic dyes and chemics into the clothing materials, instead opting for natural sources of dyes. Thus, organic clothing is non-allergenic for kids’ skin. 

5. Organic Clothes are More Comforting for Your Baby

Organic fiber is soft, natural, pure, and breathable which can help infants enjoy more peaceful sleep. 

In addition to being great for childrens’ skin, organic clothes are cute, too! Find our top picks for organic clothes below and relax while your baby remains comfortable—and cute—throughout the day.  

Our Picks For Organic Clothes

One of our top picks for organic clothes is this Organic Patisserie PJ Set. It is soft, comfortable, and comes in attractive colors. Moreover, it is easy to wash and is 100% pure cotton.

This Organic Zipper Footie is also an excellent, non-toxic, chemical-free option. Its range of colors makes it suitable for both boys and girls.

Next pick from our list is this Organic Tee. Kids grow up fast and these tees are the best for your toddlers. They have amazing illustrations and options to choose from. Furthermore, its made with eco-friendly dyes.

Organic options are not only available in shirts, tees, and PJs, but you can also find organic sleep sacks for your baby too. 

Organic clothes are hands-down the best choice for kids and babies, especially those with sensitive skin. Shopping organic is a no-brainer!