You might have heard about Mercer Hotel, one of the most luxurious hotels in New York that helps people grab excellent services with great amenities. People who are travelholic must be aware of this hotel if they have any plans to visit New York. 

Having a stay at The Mercer Hotel Hospitality can help you to add some magical impact to your trip. However, before visiting this hotel, you should be aware bout the major amenities so that you can take advantage of them.



  • The first amenity you can experience after visiting Mercer hotel is the television in each room, which can be your partner in your all-alone room. 
  • Watching television can help you to relax in the room moreover it also helps you to know about the significant events in the city. 
  • It can be more helpful if you plan a trip that mainly involves travelling around with your friends.


Mini-Bar is another essential amenity available in Mercer Hotel that allows you to socialize with other people at night and have a beer, wine or liquor with them. It can be more entertaining for travelling couples looking for fun with their friends.

Free Newspaper

Free Newspaper is an essential amenity available in The Mercer Hotel Hospitality that can be your partner during your lonely night. 

Some of the newspapers are designed especially for the people staying at this hotel and always keep you updated about the news.


  • Another well-liked amenity provided by Mercer Hotel is the Refrigerator. Having a refrigerator in your room at night can be helpful. 
  • It can help you have cold drinks and snacks at night together with a bit of comfortable sleep. 
  • Thus, these amenities are helpful when moving around New York. In addition, you can keep your food and beverages in the Refrigerator and use them whenever you want.

High-Speed Wireless Internet Access

Free wireless internet access is another amenity that is available at Mercer Hotel. For some people, staying in this hotel is really a relaxation because they can get some relaxing sleep after surfing the internet and watching movies or music from their computer in the hotel room.


For people who are planning to travel to New York and need a nice hotel, Mercer Hotel will surely be the perfect choice for you. The hotel has some beautiful amenities that cope with your needs. Therefore, you can choose this hotel and make your trip more enjoyable.