The festive season is here, and you want to preserve every beautiful moment. A good way of doing so is by taking pictures. Photographing kids can be a beautiful moment. However, it can also be annoying when you get that perfect shot. However, taking pictures of your kids is more of making them authentic and capturing the moment rather than perfect. The following are the tips and tricks for taking genuine photos of your kids.

Get Rid of the Pose Guide

The last thing you need is to spend an hour teaching your kids how to pose for a single shot. Therefore, ditch the pose guide and go with the flow. It would help if you were getting the idea of how to take the picture, not the kids. Therefore, take the shot even if it will not be perfect. You will keep the kids comfortable, which is how you get more photos.

Shoot as They Are

The best way to make the photos great is by capturing them as they are. We have discussed ditching the pose guide and taking the pictures as they are. So, make it impromptu to capture raw moments. Adults believe in taking pictures the way they want to see them. Your kid will be comfortable and honest if they don’t have to pose for a perfect shot. So, please take it as it is, not what you want it to be. You could also choose to use photography services from trusted artists such as Bruce Davidson photography, who are able to take authentique shots at just the right moment without taking the fun out from your kids. These raw moments will be captured so well and still allow your child to show her personality in every single shot. So, look for opportunities to shoot. The main thing that makes kids’ photos stand out is that kids don’t fake emotions. Capture it when they are laughing, smiling, and running around.

Use Natural Light

Taking pictures in the studio can be intimidating to some kids. Therefore, we recommend taking the pictures outside unless they are for commercial purposes. Look for comfortable outdoor locations with ample natural light. A park or your backyard will do. The important thing is to capture those raw and authentic moments and expressions perfectly.

Get Ready to Play

Taking pictures of your kids means you might have to do almost everything they are doing. Blending in with them is a good way of making the pictures authentic and keeping the kids comfortable. Play with them and run around. Kids like to help. So, you can take that advantage to shoot your shot. Become a kid for the moment and joke everywhere. Be goofy, sing, laugh, and sing their songs.

Get Down

You are going to be taller than the subjects. Therefore, instead of taking the pictures on an elevated level or asking the kids to look up, it will be a good idea to get down. You want to capture that genuine moment or expression. So, get down to the ground to get an authentic image of the child. Also, don’t get the kids tired. Recognize when it is time to stop, so you only get the genuine shots.


Photographing kids is different from adults. Kids are playful and might not even recognize what you are trying to do. However, this is what makes kids’ photos attractive and innocent. So, the next time you take pictures of your kids, try these tricks to capture the expressions.