Decluttering your homes at least once per year is extremely important. 

Whether you wish to downsize or you are just planning to tidy up your home, decluttering and removing things that you no longer utilize, is crucial. It helps you simplify life. But once you decide to declutter, there is a lot that needs to be considered. 

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Here are some simple decluttering tips for you, to start your cleaning session correctly. Moreover, always focus on one space at a time. And set a rational timeline. Do not rush through the process. 

Bedroom Decluttering:

Majority of the people start their decluttering projects from their personal space, i.e. their bedroom. The best way to begin is to make your bed and cover it with extra sheets, to avoid any dust reaching your covers. 

Start emptying your drawers. Keep the things you need aside and keep throwing papers, finished pens or other useless items that you don’t intend to use or have reached their expiry. From chargers that are no longer functional to pens that have dried and books that you longer need; put trash aside. 

Now, start decluttering your clothes. It is best to clean your wardrobe and get rid of all the clothes that you no longer wear. Give them away to someone needy (if they are in  good shape) or you can send them for recycling. Likewise, clean your skincare and makeup drawers too. Throw away empty perfume bottles. 

Once done, return everything to its actual place and notice the space you get available. 

The Entrance:

Every house doesn’t have a mudroom but each one of us has an entry space. This is the area that your visitor lays eyes upon directly. 

You have to make sure that this place is always clean, tidy and hygienic. This space should be decluttered regularly. Do not mess it up. Keep the keys in a drawer. Have a clean foot mat and make sure that there isn’t any dust showing visibly. 

If you have a console placed here, you might stuff a lot of items in it. Make sure to clean it and remove unwanted items. 


Keeping the kitchen space clean and cluttered is a huge challenge. As it is one of the most used areas of the house and is usually under activity, almost all the time; you have to clean it daily. 

But when you decide to do a large-scale decluttering session, you should focus on one category at a time. Start by decluttering your kitchen ware. 

If you bake ware that you don’t use anymore; you can sell it online. Empty your cabinets and thoughtfully put away things that you don’t use. You can easily sell high quality kitchenware online. 

Keep small containers for your spices and other items. You can tag them to keep everything in its place. It further adds ease of finding things when required, without any hassle. 

Living Room:

Just like the entryway, this room requires regular attention too. Although it is quite challenging to keep this space clean at all times. But with daily effort, you can maintain it nicely. 

The best way to keep your living room tidy is to have permanent smart storage solutions, to keep things away from the surface and visitor’s sight. 

Keep your shelves clean. Make sure you dust them regularly. Try to keep paper clutter very limited. Have a designated space for remotes, chargers and other equipment that you use daily. I

Your kid’s toys might be scattered around, in the lounge too. It is your responsibility to keep them away or keep a small toy box in the living space. 


Simplifying life is not restricted to personal behaviors only. Cluttered spaces have scientifically proven to hinder productivity and creativity. It also ignites anxiety in many people. Moreover, clean homes and tidy spaces are crucial for a healthy living. Thus, you need to make sure that you declutter your spaces regularly. And a large decluttering session, once per year, can help you get rid of items that you no longer require or use. 

Lastly, be responsible with your waste. Recycle it as much as you can. Or dispose of it correctly.