If you’re the parent of a young child, you probably know just how giddy they can get about playing in their own backyard. There’s nothing like watching your little ones grow and learn more about the world around them as they reach new milestones. And there’s no better way to facilitate this growth than by introducing them to the wonders of nature, through the medium of their own playhouse!

Fortunately, building a wooden playhouse isn’t as daunting or complex a task as you might think. In fact, with the right set of instructions and plans, it can be finished in a matter of days and for an affordable price tag as well! 

So, if you want to assist your child in growing even more and introduce them to the wonders of nature, continue reading our step-by-step guide on building a wooden playhouse!

Decide Where You’re Going To Build It

You first need to decide where in your garden you want to build your playhouse. Make sure you consider the amount of sunlight that area of your garden receives and any trees that might be in the way. 

If young children will primarily use your playhouse, it’s a good idea to make sure it’s at least three feet off the ground to avoid any potential head and leg injuries. You also want to make sure there is adequate space around it to avoid any accidents from happening. 

Get Some Plans Drawn Up

If you’re building a playhouse for kids, the last thing you want is for it to be unstable. That’s why it’s important to get plans drawn up by a professional. 

To ensure your playhouse is sturdy enough to last for years, you can use a structural engineer/architect or a carpenter/builder. You may not need plans to get a building permit for a smaller project like a playhouse. 

Having plans drawn up will ensure you have a clear vision for what you want to create and that your structure is built safely and securely.

Lay the Foundation and Flooring

Building a wooden playhouse is no different from building any other type of structure. Before starting the actual construction, you must lay a solid foundation. This is particularly important since you plan to build your playhouse on a wooden deck. 

To ensure the playhouse is safe for your kids, ensure the deck is built to withstand the weight of the playhouse. Also, remember to factor in the weight of any snow or ice that might accumulate on your deck during the winter months. 

Install Insulation and Drywall

Once your wooden playhouse is built, next comes installing the insulation and drywall. 

Depending on where you live, this can be more or less important.  If it is, you want to ensure your playhouse has a thick layer of insulation to keep out the cold in the winter and summer months. 

Add Your Finishing Touches

After all that hard work, you’re almost done! Now, it’s time to add your finishing touches to your wooden playhouse. 

The good idea is to add lighting to your playhouse, making it feel more magical during the evening. You can add small fairy lights or a light bulb that changes color. You can also paint your drywall to create a more colorful, whimsical feel. 

In Conclusion

Building a wooden playhouse is an exciting adventure for kids and their parents. You can choose the materials and colors that best suit your style, which can help bring your dream playhouse to life. 

As fun and rewarding an experience as it is, it does take time and effort. You must ensure you do your research before you start building and follow safety guidelines throughout. 

Once it’s finished, you’ll have a magical addition to your home that kids are sure to love.