The term ‘mommy makeover’ is used to describe a series of procedures that some women seek after having a baby, though they include procedures that are popular across the board—including breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tuck, and butt lift. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) reports that these procedures are on the rise, with many women seeking just one recovery period away from their kids. To achieve this goal, patients are seeking more than one procedure, and their main wish may not necessarily be for a tummy tuck. Others, meanwhile, are seeking alternatives to surgery. Below are popular combinations that are trending on the mommy makeover scene.

Tummy Tuck, Breast Surgery, and Liposuction

Some patients who seek plastic surgery wish to give their breasts a lift (or augment their breast size via implantation) because they feel their breasts may have ‘deflated’ after breastfeeding. Sometimes, breasts may have lost their firmness because of stretching during pregnancy and loss of volume at the postnatal stage. Patients may also seek a tummy tuck to remove excess skin or to tighten the abdominal area. As stated by these specialists in mommy makeovers in San Francisco, liposuction frequently plays a vital role in postnatal cosmetic surgical procedures. Fat removal can be used to reduce the volume in areas like the thighs, tummy, and flanks. This fat can then be transferred to the breast or butt areas during breast augmentations or butt lifts. This reshaping of the body is sometimes referred to as ‘body contouring’.

Breast Augmentations and Butt Lifts

Patients who are happy with their tummy area may wish to have a common combination of procedures that some surgeons market as a ‘bikini package’. In addition to opting for a breast augmentation or lift, they may also request a butt lift. Liposuction is often added into the equation to add natural curves in the butt/hip and breast area. Fat transfer can help correct small asymmetries or simply create a more harmonious, natural silhouette.

Non-Invasive Procedures

Sometimes, new moms prefer to go the non-surgical route. Fat freezing is popular among those with stubborn fat in areas like the tummy and hips, though this technique can actually be used practically anywhere on the body, and on some parts of the face. Fat freezing is a fast, ‘lunch time’ procedure that requires no downtime. It involves the placement of one or more apparatuses on targeted areas. These apparatuses freeze fat cells, which are subsequently eliminated by the body. This procedure is FDA-approved and is said to produce similar results to those obtained by liposuction. Another popular non-surgical treatment is laser treatment for stretch marks. Fractional laser delivers pulses of energy into the skin, triggering your cells to create the building blocks of skin—collagen!

Mommy makeovers are more popular than ever before. Many patients are choosing combination surgery, so they only have one period of recovery. Trending combinations include tummy tuck, breast surgery, and liposuction; and breast augmentation and butt lift. Many patients are also choosing one or more non-surgical procedures, including fat freezing and fractional laser for stretch marks.