A family vacation can be the perfect way to unwind and make wonderful memories with your family. Explore worldwide cruise & tailor made packages to find the cruise of your dreams that perfectly aligns with your family’s preferences to create lasting memories you’ll cherish. However, it’s important to note that when planning your getaway, children sometimes have a more challenging time remembering the fun times and thinking back on the vacation after they get back home.

Here are 6 tips to help make your trip even more memorable so you and your family can reminisce about them for years to come.

Be prepared

Make sure you have packed everything you need before your vacation. Forgetting small things can leave you having to spend time shopping for the things you left at home or even stress you out. Make sure you have the essentials, and then spend the vacation relaxing. That way, the memories are likely more positive than remembering the stress of getting toothpaste from the local drugstore. Custom tee shirts

Having custom matching tee shirts that you can all wear together is a great way to make memories. You can order wholesale t shirts for everyone and create your own design to print onto them. You can also send the t shirts to a designer who can create a fun matching design. 

Matching and custom shirts can be a great reminder of the vacation since your family can wear them after you get home. 

Souvenir display

Many people get souvenirs on vacation to help them remember the trip. There are a lot of trinkets you can buy on vacation that are meant to be displayed. An excellent way to make more memories and remind your kids about the trip after you get home would be to create a display together to show off the things you got on your trip. 


Many popular vacation spots sell postcards with photos of the destination and popular activities. If you want a fun surprise to remind your kids of the vacation, you can send a postcard home. Have your kids tell you a fun memory they made while on vacation and write it down on the back of the postcard. Send it home and read it with them later to help remind them of the fun memories. 


While you are on a family vacation, you will want to take many pictures. These can be fun to share on social media and look at later. One way to ensure you can always look back at the pictures and remember the vacation would be to create a photo book. Take good photos of your family on your trip, and then make a fun book of photo memories once you get home. 


Plan some family traditions to do on every family vacation. This tradition can be as simple as finding a spot for ice cream every time you go on a trip, but make sure it is something you can replicate on every vacation. Having a tradition can help kids remember the different vacations they have been on, and throughout the trip, they will look forward to when they get to indulge in the tradition.

Before you go

A family vacation can be a fun way to make memories, but these tips can help you and your family reflect on your memories for years.