Did you know that the process of pregnancy and childbirth can cost tens of thousands of dollars? With the amount that families invest to bring a baby into the world, it is important to document the pregnancy experience to remember it. 

Have you ever considered a maternity photo shoot to capture yourself with a maternity photographer? Here are some reasons why you should plan for a beautiful photo shoot as an expecting mom.


Involve the Whole Family

When you already have children, it can be difficult for them to process a new baby. One of the best ways you can include them in your pregnancy is to have a family maternity shoot.

You can have special shots with your older children and your belly holding their little sibling. It will show them that they are just as important as the newest addition to the family.

Having the entire family with you can show how much the baby is loved already. These photos can double as family portraits for holidays, birthdays, and reunions as well.

Do a Gender Reveal

Although gender reveals are becoming more and more elaborate, you do not have to play into the trend. In fact, a maternity photo shoot can be the perfect way to showcase whether your baby is a boy or a girl without all the fanfare.

You can send an envelope or confidential note from your doctor to the photographer before the shoot if you want it to be a surprise. Then, you can have a genuine surprise during the shoot and it will capture pure emotion in the pictures. 

If you already know the gender, you can play a role in the creative process. Many people use props that relate to their interests, or baby clothing that correlates to a boy or a girl.

Creatively Show the Baby’s Name

Along with the gender reveal, a maternity photo shoot is a wonderful idea to reveal the name of your new baby. You can hold up a sign or banner with the name, or even a customized baby onesie.

Baby names related to a theme, such as a movie or a book, can get even more creative. Your maternity photographer may arrange props or themed clothing for a cohesive photo shoot.

Showcase Partner Intimacy

When you are pregnant, you do not have to give up intimacy with your partner. In fact, pregnancy is one of the most beautiful and special times in your life and your relationship.

It is important for an expecting mom to feel sexy and confident in her body, especially when she is pregnant. An intimate set of maternity photos can boost your confidence and make you feel sexy, no matter how big you are.

If your partner enjoys it when you are pregnant, you can take it a step further by doing a boudoir shoot. Contact your maternity photographer if you are interested to see if it is something that they will feel comfortable shooting as well.

Professional Photos for Social Media

Social media branding is vital in this day and age, especially if you run a business. Influencers rely on quality photography to promote their products or the theme of their content.

You can also use the photos for your social media profile and banner photos. It is a great way to spread the word about your pregnancy in a cost-effective way, rather than printing and mailing the pictures individually.

Posting on social media is also a great way to cross-promote your maternity photographer. By giving him or her credit, you can tag their page and bring them more business. Your friends and family will see a great firsthand example of their photography skills.

Many social media sites have group features as well. If you are in a local mom group in Austin, for example, you can easily promote a business like Silver Bee Photography for other expectant mothers in Texas.

Create a Baby Book

Although many portraits are uploaded to the cloud in the digital age, there is still value in creating a physical baby book. It can be fun and memorable to look through pages of photographs and documents from your pregnancy and the first months of your baby’s life.

Once your maternity photos are complete, you can choose select prints to add to the baby book. This way, they will be printed on professional paper and you can have the highest quality possible to cherish in a physical format.

A baby book can be a great coffee table display or something that you show family and friends. You can also store it for safekeeping in a baby box or bin to relive memories down the road.

Use Them for Birth Announcements

Good old-fashioned birth announcements are still a wonderful way to share your news with the world. Once you have a new baby, you can hire your maternity photographer to take newborn photos as well.

This way, you can have the same style and flair in both your maternity photos and your newborn pictures. Showing yourself pregnant and then the baby creates a cool before and after effect.

Wear a Beautiful Outfit

It can be difficult to feel sexy and beautiful when you are pregnant. Your feet may swell, you gain weight, and you suffer from nausea and other symptoms.

Feel confident as an expecting mom in a stunning maternity outfit for your photoshoot. Many mothers go with flowing dresses that showcase their bellies or tight numbers that hug every curve.

Consider a Maternity Photo Shoot Today

If you want a unique way to commemorate your pregnancy, you should definitely book a maternity photo shoot. With these advantages, you can honor the expecting mom and the new baby with a beautiful set of photographs.

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