Hyaluronic acid is primarily a tissue and joint lubricant that we, as humans, should be capable of producing enough of on our own. Unfortunately, the same can be said about insulin and yet, diabetes is more common nowadays than it should be.

Since the role of hyaluronic acid is of critical importance to human mobility, healing capabilities, skeletal constitution, and skin condition among others, any deficiency can cause catastrophic damages to our health and wellbeing. Focusing on instances where such deficiencies are confirmed, here are five proven benefits of injection therapy with hyaluronic acid.

Arthritis Pain Relief

For hyaluronic acid injections the knee is the most ideal joint, because just one Cingal injection can provide immediate relief to the patient. The hyaluronic acid acts as the viscosupplement in Cingal arthritis injections, while a corticosteroid provides instant reduction of inflammation and pain.

Once the swelling is brought down by the corticosteroid, long term benefits are brought on by the hyaluronic acid injected. It keeps the knee joints well lubricated, which in turn keeps painful inflammations at bay. For more information about injection therapy with hyaluronic acid for osteoarthritis treatment, visit physiohelp4you.com.

Hydrated Younger Skin

There is no shortage of cosmetic products that can help us look younger nowadays, but hyaluronic acid goes far beyond cosmetic benefits. The youthful look brought on by hyaluronic acid is not just cosmetic in its effect, but it actually improves the skin condition from inside. As hyaluronic acid is the most effective and completely natural skin hydrating agent in existence, supplementation can lighten and even remove wrinkles and fine lines.

It makes our skin more supple and healthier, which looks just as young as it feels. Those looking to keep premature signs of aging at bay, hyaluronic acid is available as dietary supplements, serums, and lotions. Under the guidance of a dermatologist, subdermal injection therapy with hyaluronic acid is known to be the most effective for immediate results.

Faster Healing

As we get older, our ability to heal from even minor cuts and wounds can be compromised quite heavily. It does not always happen at the same age or even to the same degree for everyone, but a gradual decline in healing capabilities is almost inevitable. The same can be said about comparatively younger individuals with diabetes.

Among other reasons, loss of natural hyaluronic acid from the skin is one of the main problems here. Hyaluronic acid creams and lotions can replenish at least some of the lost hyaluronic acid in the skin, which allows it to regulate inflammations and heal from a wound much faster. On top of that, hyaluronic acid is also a natural antibacterial.

Finally, there is also evidence to suggest that hyaluronic acid supplements in their dietary form can provide relief against GERD. In combination with chondroitin sulphate, hyaluronic acid can significantly reduce instances of acid reflux. On its own, hyaluronic acid has been found as being effective in treating wounds and burns caused to the oesophagus by frequent regurgitation of stomach acids.