Thousands of years before biblical times, our esteemed ancestors found a correlation between the star patterns and essential aspects of human life and our environment. 

This correlation was used to determine the best time of the year for planting seeds for agriculture, picking navigation for traveling purposes, and getting information about the upcoming weather changes. 

They termed this correlation Astrology and eventually gave rise to astrological horoscopes. This science of Astrology came to be associated with almost everything related to humans, including our dreams. 

As per the experts, there is a strong connection between what you see in your dreams and astrology. Thus, experts offer relevant tips and advice on using Astrology to interpret these dreams and take practical steps further.

Ways to Interpret Dreams Through Astrology

Astrological experts believe that the characters and symbols we see in our dreams have a meaning, and it is a way our Universe wants to convey things to us. 

Also, our dreams assist us in tapping into the wisdom residing in our unconscious minds, which can be understood elaborately through Astrology. 

Here are experts’ pieces of advice on how you can use Astrological facts to understand your dreams clearly.

  1. Interpreting Dreams Based on the Science of Astrology

According to astrology, every character or symbol you see in your dreams has positive and negative meanings. 

For example, it is a favorable dream if you see fire images that invoke cozy and warm-filled feelings. On the other hand, witnessing dreams with fierce and upsetting fire images destroying everything implies signs of disaster.

Also, there are some practical steps to indulge in your subconsciousness and better understand your dreams.

  1. Remembering Your Dreams

The first step towards decoding dreams through astrology is to make efforts to remember them. Experts advise maintaining a dream journal and keeping it by your bedside only. The moment you wake up, write down your dream in the journal.

This would help you to remember large chunks of your dreams when you wake up. Once you note down your dreams, you can form a pattern of your dreams and recognize whether you have positive or negative dreams.

  1. Intention Setting of Dreams

As per astrological experts, intention-setting is an imperative tool in understanding dreams. As the name suggests, intention-setting refers to maintaining the positive intent of the dreams. Everyone wants to see only positive things in dreams, which you can attain through your mind. 

While going to sleep, remind yourself repeatedly that you need to remember your dreams and see only positive things. Combined with your immediate environment, this thought leads to positivity, which also manifests in your dreams.

  1. Meditation 

Meditation lends a helping hand in what you desire to achieve in your dreams. It awakens positivity in your mind, which finds its way into your dreams. 

Some practical forms of meditation include giving yourself a motivational talk and listening to any motivational leader. 

This would help you to set an intention for your dream and focus on completing it while sleeping.

  1. Understanding Difference Between Dreams and Nightmares

As per astrological experts, there is little difference between dreams and nightmares regarding dreaming interpretations. 

Astrology says that even the most terrifying dreams can come with a healing message for you, while a nice and cozy dream can also bring along a warning.

For example, a dream where you see yourself dying does not mean you will die in real life. In fact, astrology says that dreams of death usually symbolize regrowth in some aspect of your life.

Thus, it is essential to understand the context of your dreams, no matter whether they are positive or negative.

  1. Taking Note of Recurring Dreams

If you see the same dream twice, it is termed a recurring dream by astrological experts. These recurring dreams are believed to possess the most potent healing messages. Also, these dreams do not go away quickly until you recognize the message they want to convey. 

One way to interpret such dreams is to ask yourself what daily life situations lead to the same emotional response as the recurring dream. This would help you to understand the message the dreams want to bring to your notice.

Final Words

Dreams are just like movie scenes, except that the scenes are connected to your life. While some of these dreams reflect your personality traits, some indicate an upcoming incident. 

This is where astrology comes into the picture, as it helps to interpret these dreams and makes you understand them better. 

Learn more about how astrology can help interpret dreams at Dreams And Mythology. Happy dreaming!