There are many different mug options available, and each can give you a different coffee experience. If you are looking for a way to mix up your coffee routine, maybe consider trying a different type of mug with one of these seven options.


If you want a way to hold onto a hot cup of coffee without worrying about it being too hot for your hands, you can try a double-handled mug. Just like the name implies, this type of mug has two handles so that you can hold onto it with both hands. 

This is also a good mug for soups and is sometimes known as a soup bowl, so if you want to find one that is best for coffee and won’t be too large, you should look for double-handled coffee mugs


If you often like to take your coffee on the go but want to ensure your drink stays warm, you can try a tumbler. These mugs are usually very well insulated and will keep your coffee warm or the ice from melting in your iced coffee. 

Tumblers are also meant for travel and can help you avoid spilling your drink during a commute. They are great for all types of coffee on the go. 


If you are a fan of pour-over coffee, you should consider getting a pour-over mug. This kind of cup allows you to brew your coffee straight into it, making it purer and fresher than a lot of machine coffee. 

This is an excellent option for making pour-over without having to wash a ton of dishes. 


Stoneware mugs are very reliable. They are resistant to cracks and chips, so they can last a long time. This mug type is often unique and easy to wash, but it can be a bit heavier than your average mug. 


Glass coffee mugs are a great way to see your coffee creations, as the mug will be see-through. This might be a great mug for you if you want to show off your coffee skills


Ceramic mugs are common because they are durable and do not chip or crack often. They are also known for their ability to distribute heat evenly and keep your coffee at an even temperature. The outside of these mugs tends to be very smooth, making them easy to grip. 

Double walled 

A double-walled mug can be great for keeping your coffee at your desired temperature. The added insulation helps trap the heat or cold. The added layer also makes it easier to handle the mug without worrying about burning your hands. 

On top of the practical reasons for a double-walled mug, they also look sleek and stylish. If you get one that is clear, it can have a fun optical illusion that makes it look like your coffee is floating. 

Before you go 

There are various ways to enjoy a cup of coffee, but if you have a good mug that you enjoy, it can up your morning routine. Try any of these seven types of mugs and enjoy the benefits of coffee