If you are a coffee connoisseur, you know what a bad cup of joe can do to your spirits & mood. Therefore, you need to work on your coffee making skills, if home-brewing is something you are interested in.

Going by the scenario, most people are turning to home coffee-making machines to whip up a delicious mug of coffee. The reasons are simple- waiting in line and overpaying for one cup is becoming tiring for people. And when you brew coffee at home, you have control over the texture, sugar, amount of milk and coffee that you put in.

However, brewing a perfect cup requires patience and time. Even if you use a single-serve machine and pop a Nespresso coffee pod in it, you need skills, minor, but skills. For instance, finding the right brand, working the machine properly, and changing the roast as per your taste is something that takes time.


To help you out, here are a few cool tips to get that perfect cup of coffee every time.

1.      Cool your beans

Yes, you heard it right. Colder beans brew a cup of coffee which is smoother and full of flavor. When you grind cold beans, it produces smaller and more consistent-sized particles. It ensures that the taste you get after brewing the coffee is smooth & perfect.

The process of cooling the beans is simple. Just measure the amount of coffee you will need for a cup or two (depending on how many or for how many people you make) and put it in a glass jar. Put the jar in the fridge overnight, and they are ready to use in the morning.

2.      Find the right coffee

Finding the best coffee, whether it is beans or instant coffee, or coffee pods, is critical. There are so many manufacturers of coffee, and the best thing to do is stick to a local roaster for all types of coffee.

They can produce fresh beans after you order, so you know that the beans will taste better. Another thing to consider is the roast (medium or light or strong), which depends on your flavor.

However, if you do not find the right coffee bean or pods, you will never be able to make an excellent cup of coffee. No matter how advanced your coffee machine is.

3.      Use chilled water

Pouring warm or hot water over coffee is wrong. Unless a specific coffee machine asks you to do this, always put cold water into the water reservoir. The coffee maker will boil the water accordingly as the correct temperature of the water is essential to extract the full flavor from the coffee.

On a similar note, ensure that you use filtered water. Tap water doesn’t work well with the minerals of coffee, and it will not taste great either. If you cannot drink this water, do not put it in your coffee as well.

4.      Use two pods for a stronger coffee

Several people complain that their pod coffee tastes a bit weak. Now the problem here is not with the capsule. The espresso that we drink at a café uses more coffee than what is present in a pod.

If you are finding your coffee weak, use two pods to make a single cup of coffee. Even for a strong latte or cappuccino, you can use two pods to brew espresso for the base before adding the milk.

5.      Measure everything

If you are serious about your morning cup of joe, get yourself a food measuring scale. Using a spoon to add the ground beans to your coffee maker is a subjective way of measuring coffee. It will not yield a perfect cup.

The ratio is usually 2 tbsp of coffee with 1 cup of water. However, it depends on your taste and roast of coffee as well. Thus, use a measuring scale for better results.

6.      Store the beans well & grind them just before you need them

The whole beans you have will lose their aroma & flavor if you expose them to sunlight or water, or moisture. Therefore, store them in a vacuum-sealed container. Also, grind them only when you are going to brew a cup, not a moment early.

Start brewing & experimenting and you will whip up that perfect cup of java in no time.