Letting your little one ride a bicycle for the first time may sound scary to a parent. You will probably have a hard time convincing yourself of the first step. But cycling is a life skill kids must learn. The best you can do is get them an appropriate bicycle and safety gear, and ensure they practice enough before heading out alone. However, mishaps may happen with novices and seasoned riders. Besides crash risks, the threat of negligent accidents is always there when your kid is on the road. A bicycle mishap can be daunting, even if the injuries are minor. The trauma is hard to deal with, and your child may never want to ride again. But you can follow these tips to help your child cope with a bicycle mishap.

Rush the child to a doctor

The physical well-being of your child should be the top priority after an accident. Assess the injuries and take the kid to a doctor immediately, even if nothing seems amiss. The child may only have minor cuts and bruises, but you cannot overlook the risk of deep-seated injuries. Moreover, the medical treatment ensures proper documentation of the injuries. You may need them down the line if you file a compensation claim for a negligent accident.

Gather evidence

Seeing your kid injured or bleeding after a cycling accident can send you into a state of panic. While it is a natural reaction, you must maintain composure and gather evidence from the accident spot. It is crucial to record every detail if a negligent driver is responsible for your child’s suffering. Although getting evidence may not seem to be of any help to the child, it makes a difference eventually. 

Seek justice

Seeking justice for your injured child should be a part of the coping strategy, specifically when the injuries are debilitating. You must file a Cycling injury compensation sooner than later to get coverage for medical bills, rehab expenses, and long-term financial damage. Your child may suffer from disability or loss of working capacity, which can ruin their career and future. Ensuring the guilty person pays lets you rebuild the kid’s future, and get peace of mind as a parent. 

Provide emotional support

A cycling mishap has dire implications beyond physical injuries. Your child may encounter emotional trauma and even suffer from nightmares, PTSD, and depression. Even if the injuries are minor, they will probably have qualms about riding again. Providing them with emotional support is the best way to help them heal from the trauma.  Talk to the kid and encourage them to talk. You may even consider consulting a therapist.

Get the child  back on the road

Getting an accident victim back on the road again is perhaps the trickiest part of the recovery process. But you must convince them to regain confidence and ride again. Buying a new bicycle is a good idea. Also, ensure they have all the safety gear to minimize the risk of injury after a fall. Go slow and let the kid ease through the journey at their pace because physical and emotional readiness is crucial.

Helping your child overcome the trauma of a cycling accident is hard work. But you can do your bit with a genuine effort that focuses on their well-being and confidence.