For most of us, we grew up with regular chocolate advent calendars.  However, there are so many kinds of advent calendars out there now.  If you have a teen, it might be fun to surprise them with something a little different!  Add a little surprise for the holidays with the treat of a special and unique calendar.

While these calendars are generally a bit more expensive than your average chocolate advent calendar, I like to have some options other than candy, and I also like to keep my kids excited for the holidays, especially as they get older.

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There are lots of great beauty advent calendars or makeup themed advent calendars out there, from Sephora to Ulta.  Some are a particular brand name, and others are a sampling of a variety of items. You can also find calendars with accessories, like hair accessories or bracelets.  You can find a great bath bomb advent calendars, too.

Food & Drink

Aside from chocolate, there are lots of food themed calendars.  I got my kids a Pringles calendar one year and they loved it! I can’t seem to find a Pringles calendar for 2022, but there are other fun ideas, from hot sauces to teas. We are a big fan of Adagio Teas advent calendars.


There are toy calendars that may be appealing to your teen.  For example, a fidget or squishies calendar.  There are LEGO calendars and other puzzle types of calendars.  There are a variety of themed Funko Pop advent calendars with lots of great collectibles (Disney, The Office, Marvel, etc), or other figurines (such as Roblox).


If your child enjoys science, there are plenty of options. You can find a science advent calendars with a variety of different experiments, or one with gemstones.


Sock advent calendars have been popular lately, and are a useful item too.  You can buy a themed set, like this cute Harry Potter set. There are many movie, TV, animal, and other themes. I notice that Target seems to have a good selection of sock advent calendars.

Mindful calendars

There are some great calendars that practice gratitude and kindness, like an acts of kindness advent calendar or one to practice mindfulness.