The global UPF clothing market is estimated to grow at an annual growth rate of 9.2%. It is expected to increase to $1.16 billion by the year 2027.

As skin cancer and other skin diseases increase, so does the demand for protective apparel. The changing lifestyle of people will increase UPF market growth over time.

UPF clothing differs from normal clothing due to the level of UPF used to prevent penetration of UV rays. Companies are conducting intense testing and alterations to increase the UPF factor of fabrics to more than 50.

Here are five UPF products everyone needs for sun protection.

1. REI Co-op Sahara Hoodie

This is a synthetic sun-protection shirt that is unlike others that stick to you when you sweat. REI’s Sahara Hoodie is a great vibe available in t-Shirt and shirt form.

It’s made of a very soft and breathable material that makes your skin feel very comfortable. You can feel the breeze through it depending on the weather outside.

A preferred design is one with thumb holes in the sleeves, which protect the backs of your hands. This keeps you safe from developing sunburn or uncomfortable rashes.

2. Solbari Luxe Hooded Full Zip Hoodie

During the periods between summer and fall, it can get tiring to slather yourself in sunscreen. Luckily, companies like Solbari sell ultra-lightweight full-zip hoodies for sun exposure prevention.

The material used is light and breathable such that you won’t feel too hot in the sun. It offers sun safety by preventing UV rays from getting to your skin.

3. Columbia Anytime Pull-on Pants

It isn’t easy to find comfy leggings, especially for a plus-sized woman. Despite being affordable and having a wide size range, they also come with pockets.

Made of synthetic fabric and having UPF 50, it’s impossible not to love these leggings. You can research UPF clothing testing explained to understand the importance of high UPF.

4. Cornelia James Audrey Gloves

These are elegant gloves that protect your hands from sun exposure. They are a major improvement from stretchy spandex gloves that are far from cute.

The Swiss cotton gloves are breathable, soft to the touch, and comfortable on the hands. They have UPF 50 and offer full protection from sun exposure.

5. Duluth Trading Heirloom Gardening Shirt

This button-down shirt has several deep vertical pockets that can carry gardening tools, gloves, or phones. Two pockets are on the front of the shirt while the others are on the back. It’s like cargo pants but for your torso.

It’s made of breathable synthetic fabric and offers top-notch sun protection with UPF 50.

UPF Clothing

While sunscreen is an amazing tool for sun safety, so are UPF clothes. They add an extra layer of defense against UV rays.

In the past, there weren’t any fashionable clothes with Ultraviolet Protection Factor. Now, a number of brands are making stylish UPF clothes.

Wearing clothes made from fabrics that protect your skin ensures that your skin health is at its best. If you’ve enjoyed reading this piece, browse our page for more tips on UPF products.