Right next to the Arizona border, St. George is a city in Utah. It is bordered by the Snow Canyon State Park and its dunes, red sandstone cliffs, and trails. From national parks to museums, there’s a little bit of everything for every type of tourist. You can hike, visit parks and streams, and enjoy every delectable Southern food item. 

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St. George is more than just a natural beauty with its red sandstone. There are plenty of things to do for those who crave city life, but some alone time in nature won’t destroy their peace. So here are nine things you can do in St. George. 

  1. Visit The Red Hills Desert Garden

Bordered by the red rock park, this five-acre landscape is a quiet and peaceful getaway for anyone looking to spend some alone time in nature. The Garden is home to more than five thousand eye-catching and rare plants. Because of the beautiful scenery, the Garden is considered a romantic hotspot for couples in St. George. The stunning backdrop of flowers and red rocks makes it picture-perfect. However, there is much more to do here than just taking pictures. You can sit by the thousand-foot-long stream, walk along the dinosaur tracks, or indulge in its botanical wonders. 

  1. Relax at Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park is a 1.4-mile trail inside the Red Hills Reserve, north of St. George. The fifty-two-acre park has stunning city views and a large pavilion for picnics and BBQ. It is one of the best hikes in St George Utah, offering a majestic view of the city as you reach the top of the hill. Bordered by the Red Hills Desert Garden, the park has a family-friendly atmosphere. There’s a fire pit, too, for roasting s’mores and enjoying some downtime after a long hike. Though there are no swings or grass for you to sit on, the park has the historic Boy Scout Cave and pioneer cabin. It’s perfect for those seeking solitude with a breathtaking view of St. George. 

  1. Explore the St. George Temple

One of the first Mormon temples in the western region, St. George Temple is a bright, white building standing tall at 175 feet. The flowers and greenery surrounding the temple complement its Gothic architecture. It was completed in the late 1870s and is enriched with Mormon history – a must-visit for those fascinated by history. There isn’t much to do since only Mormons can enter the temple. But you can book a tour of the visitor center inside the temple. However, you can spend some time near the water fountains and greenery outside the temple.

  1. Brigham Young Winter Home Historical Site

For those who never get bored of an American history trip, this 1971 residence made its way to the US National Register of Historic Places. President Brigham Young was an American political leader. He held the presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for thirty years until his demise in 1877. He had an office next to the residence, both of which have been restored to reflect President Young’s life. The residence still contains some of President Young’s original furniture pieces. Unlike St. George Temple, the entrance to this site is free and perfect for rainy days.

  1. Palledin Balloon Excursions

Enough about historical sites. St. George has a lot of other exciting things to do, like Hot Air Balloon rides. Palledin is known for its hot balloon tours as it offers breathtaking aerial views of the city of St. George. You’ll be touring Southern Utah in this hot balloon ride, so look for prominent landmarks. Enjoy these safe and fun balloon rides if you’re with family or craving some alone time. Though you can ride any time, we recommend sunrise for majestic views of the city as the sun’s rays hit the red rock. 

  1. Seek Thrill at Paragon Adventures

For those seeking adventure, if the hot air balloon ride is too easy for you, head for some fun at Paragon Adventures. Established in 1994, you can do zip lining, mountain biking, canyoneering, hiking, rock climbing, and go on cave adventures at Paragon. You won’t be out on your own, as there are instructors to guide you along the way. Every activity has different levels of difficulty and excitement. You can combine a few activities or do it one at a time. Although Paragon Adventures is in Zion National Park, outside St. George, still a one-of-a-kind outdoor experience.

  1. Marvel at Sears Art Museum Gallery

Apart from history lovers and hikers, St. George boasts a rich artistic and cultural history, evident from the Sears Art Museum Gallery exhibits. The Gallery is in the Dixie State University and hosts exhibitions and art events throughout the year. You can browse through traditional and contemporary art pieces. For those planning to visit in February, you can book a slot for the Sears Dixie Invitational Art Show and Sale.

  1. Sand Hollow State Park

One of the largest state parks in Utah, the Sand Hollow State Park, borders the Sand Hollow Reservoir. Not only does it have a vast beach, but Sand Hollow boasts its presence as one of the best lakes in Utah. The sand dunes, clear water, and the backdrop of snow-capped peaks make it the perfect getaway in Southern Utah. The park is spread over 20,000 acres and has a range of recreational activities. You can rent an off-road vehicle and spend the day driving around the dunes, spend some time sailing and boating in the water, or lounge at the beach. Activities like hiking, horseback riding, and riding a mountain bike are some of the tourist favorites at this destination. You can also go camping at two campgrounds in the park.

  1. Take the little ones to St. George Children’s Museum

The St. George Children’s Museum is a must for those visiting with children. Though a historical site isn’t what you’d expect most children to like, this museum is unlike any other. It has plenty of recreational and fun activities. The museum is in downtown St. George and has twelve rooms designated for a different activity or exhibit. In addition, there’s a music room with various instruments for children to play, a farm room with a model cow you can milk, and the Oval Office room.


Southern Utah is filled with amazing tourist sites and fun activities. Remember, this is not an exhaustive list of things you can see in St. George. There are many other hiking trails than Pioneer Park and many attraction sites in the city center. You can also try various restaurants and diners if hopping through museums or recreational facilities bores you.