We all know how important it is to get the right amount of sleep. If you want your kids to be at their best and get the most out of their schooling they need to be properly rested and ready for the educational day ahead.

The best way to ensure they get the right amount of quality sleep is to help your kids enjoy a great nighttime routine. How do you get into a sleep schedule that works?

There are a number of excellent strategies that can be used together so that your kids get into a sleep schedule that helps them relax and recharge after a busy day at school.

Their bedroom needs to be a sleep-friendly environment

Your aim should be to make their bedroom the perfect environment for encouraging them to settle into a regular sleep pattern.

Using blinds and curtains to keep the light out will help create a cozy atmosphere. Choosing from a selection of really comfortable mattresses will also help them to feel comfortable and let them feel settled and ready to sleep.

Bedtime needs to be a familiar routine

One of the best strategies for helping your kids to get into a good sleep schedule is to establish a routine you can set your clock by.

Running a bath, getting into pajamas, and reading a story can be an integral part of that routine. If you get into the habit of doing these things at the same time every night it will help their bodyclock prepare for sleep.

Adjust wake-up times gradually

Having got them into a good bedtime routine you might also need to adjust their wake-up time so that getting ready for school is not such a rush.

It is best to do this in stages. Set the alarm for a slightly earlier time every few weeks so that they get used to the new times and it doesn’t disrupt their sleep pattern.

Don’t let them nap after school

Younger children can often feel exhausted after a day at school and that means they might want to crash when they get home. The problem is that they will then be wide awake when bedtime comes around. 

Do some activities and maybe have some outside play so that they stay awake until it’s time to start the nighttime routine.

No screens in the hour before bed

It is hard to keep kids away from a screen these days. The light and noise from any electronic device are distractions that won’t be conducive to sleep.

If you make a rule that they don’t have access to any screen an hour before bed this will help your child get ready for sleep.

Regular exercise is good

If your child gets enough physical exercise throughout the day they will feel tired and be ready for bed.

Try to schedule some regular physical activities each day but make sure you leave enough time to let them unwind before you start your bedtime routine.

Observe their natural sleep pattern

Some of us can rise really early and others struggle with mornings. Try to create a sleep schedule that makes bedtime earlier or slightly later to account for when they seem to wake naturally each day.

If you can use these strategies it should help your child to become accustomed to a nightly routine that lets them get into a great sleep pattern. When they enjoy a restful night they will be ready for the school day ahead.