The mountain city of Pigeon Forge is situated in Tennessee in the Southeast United States. Due to its spectacular natural beauty and abundance of activities for all age groups, the city is quickly becoming one of Tennessee’s top tourist destinations. With museums, historical sites from the 1700s, natural forests, mountains, theme parks, events, and amazing southern food and wine, Pigeon Forge provides plenty of choices for a tourist. 


If you are looking for the perfect itinerary for this old-fashioned city with hopping tourists and country charm, you have come to the right place. 

Below are a few extraordinary places to visit in Pigeon Forge.


Rated as “America’s most beautiful park”, millions of people visit Dollywood every year. It is jam-packed with about 50 rides and tourist attractions, including waterparks, entertaining thrill rides, and luxurious suites with panoramic mountain views. Even though you can never get enough of this incredible site, Dollywood has numerous events throughout the year, like Smoky Mountain Christmas and Harvest Festival, so don’t miss out on any of them.

But this is not all that Dollywood is famous for. It is one of the well-known dinner shows in Pigeon Forge, filled with family fun and thrilling activities. Dolly Parton’s Stampede offers entertaining horse riding stunts that are performed with special background music and effect, and to top this incredible dinner show, a four-course meal is served with an amazing dessert. 


Even though the feud between Hatfield and McCoy is decades old, the entertaining performance is worth a night out with family.

There is more to the Hatfield and McCoy Dinner Feud than merely actors reciting lines while on a stage. A delicious southern supper is served during the show. You are then served excellent sweet tea while watching amazing live performances. The performers make every effort to give you a memorable evening of dinner and show that will keep you talking about it long after the performance is over. 

They combine all forms of entertainment into one exhilarating performance, from live musical numbers to mind-blowing acrobatics and jokes that surely crack you up. Therefore, if you’re considering visiting this fun city, make sure Hatfield and McCoy is on your list of the best dinner shows in Pigeon Forge.


Sawyer farmhouse is among the top-ranked restaurants in the city. 

The interior of the farmhouse gives a very rustic vibe with brown hardwood floors and red brick walls. The restaurant has amazing food variety that fulfils your appetite and always leaves you wanting more. It is the tastiest place for you to visit. And it has been ranked the favorite restaurant because it serves its most delightful breakfast all day, which includes pancakes topped with syrups and butter and a much more delicious breakfast. 


The Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster ought to rank high on your list of the best Pigeon Forge attractions. This is not just a typical mountain trek for tourists visiting the city.

Pigeon Forge makes sure that it serves an amazing experience for its tourists, and hence you have a fantastic opportunity to ride a low-level coaster that is individually controlled according to the rider’s preferences. You can choose between a challenging and thrilling ride or a calm and exhilarating 9-minute trip to take in the city’s incredible beauty from a completely different viewpoint.


For more than ten years, The Comedy Barn Theatre has consistently been rated as Pigeon Forge’s most entertaining and humorous show. As much as the city is famous for its places to visit and eat, Comedy Barn doesn’t fall short in providing the tourist with the most uplifting and hilarious experience. These two hours of comic entertainment, magic tricks, juggling, and other activities are not something you should miss so make sure you grab your tickets for the event.


Pigeon Forge is rich in history.

If you’re looking for anything historically significant in Pigeon Forge, Old Mill Square is the finest location as it was created to look exactly how it did then. With the distinctive Pigeon River Pottery, which has over 70 years of legacy in pottery making, the location gives you a glimpse into centuries-old cultures and customs. 

You must eat at the renowned Old Mill Restaurant for some traditional family favorite meals. Another popular eating spot in Old Mills Square is Pottery House Café and Grill, where you can savor the delicious and fulfilling meals outside by the fountains in the summer or indoors next to the fireplace during the winter.


The fascinating and incredible activities at Wonderworks will keep you occupied for a long while. It is an amusement park for the mind. 

The place contains several different and uniquely amusing activities you can do. The upside-down house has an extensive range of mind games, an extreme weather zone, a space discovery zone, Imagination labs, indoor rope courses, and 4D XD simulator rides. These are just a few thrilling activities in the Wonderworks. You will be able to experience much more once you visit the place.


Ole Smokey Tennessee Moonshine, which is right in the heart of Pigeon Forge, welcomes you to a vibrant, carefree, and energetic atmosphere. Because of the setting, you will undoubtedly want to tap dance to some country music while enjoying the finest wines and whiskey. 

A wine tour while you’re on vacation is customary and ought to be at the top of your list of things to do. In addition to all the entertainment, there are tasting samples of several award-winning distilleries available, allowing you to enjoy the finest wines while learning about the history of moonshine. 

What a great way to conclude the day in Pigeon Forge. You shouldn’t be skipping it.


These are just a few things to do while on vacation in Pigeon Forge to ensure you have the time of your life in the world’s most incredible locations. 

It is one of the most beautiful places to visit and honestly, what’s not to love? You have history, breathtaking views of mountains and woods, exhilarating activities, museums and amusement parks, entertaining events, and a distillery!