Legal affairs in resolving family issues are extremely sensitive for its members by bringing stress and endless walking to lawyers. Trying to find an accredited and qualified family lawyer or mediator who will help you end conflicts and discrepancies; you feel frustrated and disappointed because there are no trusted services you could rely on.

In Melbourne, there’s an opportunity to collaborate with various expert-level private family lawyers and boutique family law agencies that orient on clients’ problems, compassionate their issues, and select integrated solutions to handle your conflict. A qualified law firm that deals with family issues will provide you with the following services:

  • Fix parenting issues like arranging children’s custody, and parenting plans.
  • Define financial obligations for each partner, controlling children support, division of a family business, or inheritances.
  • Resolve any issues in relationships between partners that are based on diverse applications, prenuptial agreements, payment of spousal support, etc.
  • With no exception, such law companies will fix complex international family law cases considering the rights and laws of the country of origin of each spouse.

Being a trustworthy family lawyer means not only possessing strong expertise in family law legislation but also being empathic, understanding, and supporting a client to minimize their stress while property settlement. Nevertheless, a well-accredited lawyer has to settle a wide array of family disputes, i.e. divorce, property & asset settlement, children’s financial support, and spousal maintenance.

Additionally, a top-tier law firm in Melbourne offers clients order mediation services to fix disputes between partners:

  • Agreement on child care.
  • Inheritance issues.
  • Separation issues.
  • Arguments involving children.
  • Managing parental responsibilities.

These services enable you to save time and funds. Moreover, there’s an option for undertaking Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) before the court commencement in particular parenting issues. This means you’ll get affordable services for resolving your family matters providing you greater input and outcome.

Be sure that when you involve any third person to help you to fix the issues are registered in the Commonwealth Attorney General’s Department, considered a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, and accredited by the Australian Institute of Family Law Arbitrators and Mediators.

Family lawyers vouch for decent legal representation of your legal interests, and financial security. No matter whether you face family violence, parenting alienation, or spousal property splits, high-regarded family lawyers in Melbourne can cover a wide spectrum of disputes.

Relationship Breakdown & Applying for a Divorce via a Professional Family Lawyer 

The end of a marriage is not the end of life, it’s a chance for each partner to start a new life and open up new opportunities for happier living. To solve this issue peacefully it’s better to hire local family lawyers in Melbourne who will help you to arrange all family disputes and feel confident.

Since the divorce process in Melbourne and Australia wholly includes several stages, i.e. divorce, property settlement, parenting plan & children support, you’d better find a certified family lawyer to conduct your case smoothly:

  • The first step is a divorce application that meets the court requirements to obtain a divorce order and prove that this separation happened at least a year ago.
  • The second step is identifying the assets and properties of both spouses, including the financial state, available shares, and debts. Financial contributions during the marriage are also considered by lawyers to define the needs of each partner. Finally, the court has to outline whether the decision is reasonable.
  • The third style is to solve issues connected with parenting and ensure children’s interests too. Here it’s necessary to determine the agreement conditions over the custody or sole parental responsibilities. 

Prenuptial Agreement Arrangement: What For and How to Benefit

The majority of couples in Melbourne believe a prenuptial agreement, also known as a binding financial agreement, is a good solution to settle property issues, protect their assets, and avoid court cases in the case of separation. Why do they think it’s an important document to arrange when getting married? 

The key benefit of prenups is that each partner can protect their assets from a partner’s claims, so it’ll benefit children only. It’s better to get a pre-nup before marriage because all the property and assets you and your spouse got during the marriage are believed to be marital property. So, the divorce process will be more controversial and there will be more arguments when dividing your mutual property.

According to the Australian Family Law legislation, you must have your private lawyer act in your interests and guarantee that your prenup agreement is binding under the law. As usual, a prenuptial agreement includes such information:

  • Financial settlement.
  • Financial support for a spouse.
  • Mutual agreement about child rearing.

Prenuptial agreements are pretty popular in Australia since it protects each party from stress and long disputes in court. An accredited lawyer should handle your prenup to vouch for its binding to the family law act and court requirements. 

Family Issues That Involve Children: Child Custody Law in Melbourne

Relationship breakdown is always great stress to a child, so parents should think about their responsibilities and obligations regarding their child by ensuring welfare, safety, comfort, and support after the divorce. For partners to fulfill these points they have to agree and sign a parenting plan that will help to fix possible issues with child rearing. 

This document includes information about who a child will live with, who is responsible for the financial maintenance of a child, who to spend time with, etc. Both parents share parental responsibilities to guarantee their child’s best interests.

Hence, if you decide to divorce your spouse and you have children, you have to consider their interests first and preserve their dignity and respect. It’ll be better to get in touch with a qualified family lawyer who will assist to write a parenting plan to maintain an equal relationship with both parents.

To conclude, if you face any family matters and want to divorce your partner, contact a professional family law company in Melbourne to arrange the separation process without the hassle and according to the Australian Family Law Acts. Experienced lawyers and mediators will help you to come to a mutual agreement and avoid rough conflicts.