Finally, the fall season has officially begun, and you can feel the crisp air and the cooler temperature settling in. Yellow and brown leaves are falling, the sun is setting faster, and the days are getting shorter. Now’s also a great time to parade your cozy sweaters and enjoy a sip of apple cider as the shortcut to happiness. 

A survey even shows that 56% of the 2,000 respondents say they’re much happier during the fall season than other seasons. Meanwhile, 33% say fall is their favorite time of the year as they feel more adventurous.   

But for all moms out there, the fall season is perhaps the perfect time to spend quality time with the family and plan lots of outdoor activities and adventures. Although you can always spend time with your family all year round, it’s during the fall season when the weather’s cooler but still warm enough to thrive outdoors. With the perfect temperature and nature’s golden setting, you mustn’t let these glorious fall days pass by without making the most of them and enjoying every moment.   

If you’re looking for an activity to plan for the fall season, here’s your ultimate guide to making the most of the fall season with these fun and thrilling activities for your family and kids in the weeks to come.

  1. Visit And Enjoy A Corn Maze With The Kids   

Autumn is an excellent time to see and explore a corn maze with your children. Corn mazes are one of the strategies some farm owners use to generate income and, at the same time, provide entertainment for kids and adults alike. Some corn mazes are also used as an attraction for special holidays (e.g., Halloween) or festivals.   

So, if you and the kids have never tried this before, perhaps this can be your new annual fall family tradition. You can check out or other online corn maze locators to decide which corn maze to explore with your family. 

Although, a tip to note is to involve your children in choosing the maze to explore, as some may prefer simpler mazes, or maybe they’d like to explore something scary. 

  1. Go On A Hike  

Many people would agree that fall is the best season to go hiking. That’s because this season offers moderate cool and warm temperatures. Plus, hiking in the fall allows you to enjoy a colorful natural backdrop filled with yellow, red, or brown shades. Some would even say the golden colors of the fallen leaves are like nature’s version of a red carpet.  

So, if your family is the type to enjoy the outdoors, invite your family and the kids for a fun hike and drive to some nearby hiking trails. This can be an exciting experience for your kids, especially if they’ve never explored the deeper parts of nature before. But if this is their first time, select a hiking trail that isn’t too long or strenuous. Preferably, pick a route with breathtaking features such as a waterfall, stream, or lake so you can give your kids a goal to reach.   

Most importantly, let them take their time to enjoy every stop and every view they find. After all, hiking is about making the most of the journey and the experience. Being outdoors in the fall season can be a great way to teach your kids more about nature’s beauty. 

  1. Ride Bikes As A Family 

Everyone, especially kids, is familiar with bike riding. But wouldn’t it be merrier if the whole family participated? The fall season can be an ideal time to go out as a family and ride bikes together. You’ll get to hear the yellow and brown leaves crack underneath your wheels as you pass by the streets. Plus, fewer people will likely be in the bike trail centers, so you and the kids can ride at your own pace. And while you’re all having fun, you can also use this opportunity to teach your kids how to ride safely and other bike safety tips.

  1. Clean Up The Yard And Put Up Decorations 

This may sound like a chore, but cleaning up the yard can be a unique way to celebrate and welcome the fall season as a family. With the upcoming Halloween and thanksgiving holiday just around the corner, cleaning up the yard can be part of your preparations. 

After you’ve cleaned up your yard, you can begin putting up decorations. It’s encouraged to involve your kids in this. By letting them participate in creating yard decorations and other crafts, you’re allowing them to channel their inner creativity while having fun at the same time. On the other hand, you may shop for autumn decorations as a family and let your kids decide on which decor to buy and put together. 

  1. Have A Leaf Gathering Activity  

Meanwhile, if your kids are too young to help clean up the yard, you can arrange a leaf gathering activity for them instead. Small preschool and grade school kids will surely enjoy this activity as they get to see different leaf colors and shapes. If they have already covered the entire yard in picking up leaves, you can also go on a leaf-gathering excursion around the neighborhood. This way, your kids gather more leaves from different trees.  

Once you all get home, gather all the leaves your kids have collected and help them past those leaves in their scrapbooks. Or, if you have extra frames, you can put their autumn leaves on the frames so they can cherish the leaves they’ve collected with you. 

  1. Go Apple-Picking 

The fall season is also considered the perfect apple-picking season. This traditional activity can be an ideal annual family tradition to help everyone get into the festive spirit. So, choose any apple orchards in your local area and prepare for an apple adventure. Although some apple orchards may offer additional activities besides apple-picking, such as cider pressing, hay rides, or visiting a small petting zoo. 

After you’ve picked a basket or two of apples, you may wonder what to do with all these fresh produces. Fill your home with autumn scent by baking your kids’ favorite apple desserts. Or you may also use these apples in your dinner plans.  

  1. Visit A Pumpkin Patch 

Besides the yellow leaves and apples, another fruit that symbolizes the autumn season is the pumpkins! So, after going apple-picking, you can schedule the next week to visit a pumpkin patch with the kids. This activity can also be educational as your kids learn more about how pumpkins grow and how to harvest them properly.  

So, head to the nearest pumpkin farm and let your children pick the pumpkin they like. Once home, you can check out some must-try pumpkin recipes perfect for the season and prepare them for the kids. Meanwhile, your kids can make the most of their time carving pumpkin heads.

  1. Go On A Picnic 

Make the best of those crisp fall days and take your family outdoors for a sweet picnic. You can drive to a park, forest, or waterfront (e.g., lakeside, beach) and lay your blanket. Don’t forget to bring some kid-friendly picnic recipes, treats, and warm drinks such as hot chocolates. After all, kids are much happier and more active with full bellies.  

  1. Attend A Fall Fair 

Take a break from your family’s usual routine and spend a day at a fall fair. You and your kids will indeed have fun tasting different autumn treats, riding different carnival rides, or maybe even joining a pie-eating contest.  

  1. Host A Backyard Barbecue 

Making the most of the autumn season doesn’t necessarily mean exploring different places. After several days or weeks of doing fall activities out there, you can settle down and continue the celebration in your backyard by hosting a backyard barbeque. 

With a clean and well-decorated yard, you and your kids can prepare the space for some grilling. Let your kids help by letting them handle the decorations or setting up the table and the seating options. Meanwhile, you and the other older adults can prepare the food. Make sure you prepare food and drinks suitable for both kids and adults. 

For added fun, light up a bonfire and let your kids and their guests roast some marshmallows to create s’mores. 

  1. Have A Movie Night 

For a simple and quiet fall celebration, you can schedule a movie night with the family. You can either have this outdoors in your yard or indoors if the night is too chilly. Watching and enjoying a movie together as a family can be a great bonding moment that everyone will treasure. At the same time, this will also teach your kids that having fun doesn’t always mean going outdoors. So, prepare your DIY home theater, make some tasty snacks or take out some food from a restaurant, and let your kids pick the movie.  

  1. Snuggle Up And Read Books At Bedtime  

Perhaps the best way to end all the fun activities you did during the day is to snuggle up together and read autumn-themed books in bed. Reading is an effective way to destress and relax together after a tiring day outdoors. Reading can also strengthen your kids’ language skills and communication, which is essential for early literacy development.  

Wrapping Up 

Ultimately, autumn is one of the best seasons to plan recreational activities with your family and kids. But don’t worry if you can’t squeeze all these activities into your fall plan as long as you and your kids are having fun and making the most of all the experiences. Whatever activities you pick to do with your kids this fall season, ensure that everyone’s exploring, learning, and having fun together.