Getting a new car is usually an exciting experience, but it can be nerve wracking to keep the inside clean. I have always been good about keeping my car clean, even with young kids in tow, and my best recommendation is to keep up with keeping your car clean. So here is how to do it!

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My #1 tip is not to let STUFF accumulate in the car! This means junk, trash, or anything else!

Car washes

I actually used to avoid the car wash and do it myself. However, we found a great membership and it has been good to have regular car washes, at least in the wintertime, when the car becomes caked with salt. Here in the Northeast, it is good to make sure the road salt isn’t causing wear to your car. If you don’t want to visit a carwash, you can hand wash your car. There are small and cordless power washers that make it easy to wash your car.


If you are a car wash member, you’ll likely also have access to vacuums. If you don’t, try to figure out a system where you can regularly vacuum your car. This could be a small shop vac in the garage next to where you park, or something else.


Figure out where to put any trash you end up with in the car. I have a little car trash can set up in the car. I also throw away small pieces of trash at the car wash trash cans, like masks that have fallen on the floor or a straw wrapper.

Microfiber cleaning cloths & dusters

Keep microfiber towels or microfiber cloths in the car. These can be handy for just about anything – dusting, wiping things, cleaning up spills, etc. I also got a small duster because my car dash and console has a lot of nooks and crannies that seem to accumulate dust.

Protective items

There are a variety of products out there that can help you to protect your new car.

Probably my top item would be all weather mats, which protect the car from everything from mud to road salt. These can be periodically removed and washed, or vacuumed and wiped down.

If you have kids, you may want to purchase seat back protectors. This way, if the kids kick the seats or even scuff them with their feet, it will not leave marks. You can buy key fob protectors, which are a great way to protect what is a rather expensive key. From seat protectors to cup holder liners, there are so many accessories out there to help you protect different parts of the car.

Messy occasions

If you anticipate something that is going to cause a mess, prepare ahead of time. I have put rags on the floor or towels on the seats if I thought there was a chance of my child being muddy from practice or elsewise. It is a lot easier to shake out and wash a dirty towel, versus trying to scrub your car interior.