On our last trip to Mexico, we learned that the city of Homun is a hotspot for cenotes. This area has quite a few cenotes to choose from. If you aren’t familiar with cenotes, it is a natural sinkhole, created by the collapse of a cave ceiling.

We decided to hire a guide from Homun. Homun is about an hour from the city of Merida, and it is easy to get there. We drove our Avante Car Rental from our AirBnB in Merida to Homun, and it took just over an hour.

I could not find location for Cenote Hool Kosom in Google Maps, but it is located in Homun and you could rent a guide to take you there. When you drive into Homun, there is no shortage of guides available.

There is also a Hool Kosom Facebook page where you can find photos and information.

Our guides took us to the cenote in a motorized cart, which added some extra adventure to our day.

We descended into the cenote on a set of stairs.

There is a platform at the bottom of the stairs, making it easy to swim from.

Life jackets are required here.

It was neat to see sun shining through the cave ceiling. I definitely would recommend going on a sunny or bright day where you get natural light shining into the cave.

There were some bats in the cave, and it was neat to see them flying around.

Overall, it was a nice experience visiting Hool Kosom.

The downsides is that there is not a jumping platform, and no zipline or rope swing. This is more of a scenic and relaxing cenote, and a good place for photo opportunities.

Check out Hool Kosom online on the Hool Kosom Facebook page.

Check out the Hool Kosom on Instagram.

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