Your backyard holds much potential as a living space, especially if you haven’t done much with it beyond maintaining grass and plants. It can be a great spot for events, an outdoor relaxation area or a feature that can boost your property value. The following backyard additions and upgrades can help you make the most out of this location.¬†

1. A Shed

As a house owner, you likely have a variety of items that can be difficult to store. If you are running out of space in your garage, consider building a shed right in your backyard. The ideal shed can resist all weather and environmental factors, as well as provide ample space for tools, equipment and even shelter for a person or two. Once the basics are complete, you can enhance the shed’s exterior with windows, customized colors, potted plants and more. 

2. Pathways 

Walking through the lawn can be uncomfortable or even dangerous at times. Establishing paths that connect key spots such as the house, the garage, the patio and the shed can give more detail to your backyard while also make it safer and easier to move around. These pathways are usually made from concrete or pavers, both components that can last for decades and withstand frequent foot traffic. Companies such as Allied Outdoor Solutions can install these structures or you can make it into a DIY project. 

3. Furniture

Patio furniture is essential whether you are turning the backyard into a social spot or your own personal haven since it makes spending time there more comfortable. Your plans for the area can determine the arrangement of the furniture, such as having the seating revolve around a coffee table for a book club, larger tables near the grill for a dining area or cushions and a bed for relaxation. Try to obtain and fit enough items without overcrowding the space. Ensure the furniture’s materials are specifically made for outdoor use and all types of weather. 

4. Sun Protection 

Although part of the fun in turning the yard into a living space is enjoying the bright, warm days, you will also need to protect yourself and your guests from sun rays. An excessive amount of exposure can cause health risks such as sunburn, eye damage and skin cancer. The additions of parasols at every table and awnings for your house and shed can provide everyone around with some necessary shade during sunny days. 

5. Fire Pit

A fire pit extends the time you spend outside and the activities you can do such as warming up during chilly nights and making s’mores. There are several options available depending on your preferences, from a permanent structure made of brick to a smaller round pit made of stone and a portable metal version. Don’t forget to arrange comfortable seating around your choice. Before anything else, make sure to comply with local building codes and regulations. 

The backyard has a tremendous amount of potential for dining, socialization, entertainment and other purposes. The right additions and modifications can reinvigorate this area for years to come.