Summer is often the most active season of the year, between the weather and kids being off from school. However, expenses can add up quickly when it comes to enjoying your summer to the fullest. Here are some easy ways to save some money during the summer.

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Drink water

Water is cheapest, and better yet, go with reusable water bottles. No need for buying lots of drinks! For non-water drinks for things like sports or entertaining, try to buy in bulk or compare prices.

Prepare snacks

Summers can mean lots of activities and traveling. Be prepared with snacks or foods along the way, so that you aren’t constantly paying for food, which can add up quickly.

Find free/cheap activities

There are lots of great free/cheap things you can do. If you have kids, take advantage of all the free destinations and programs available, such as the library and summer reading programs, hiking, nature centers, beaches, gardens, playgrounds, scavenger hunts, etc. Check out my list of cheap summer activities for kids.

Line dry laundry

Summer is a great time to take advantage of drying things outdoors and in the sun. I usually check to see if the day is going to be sunny, and then do my laundry. Summer is also great time to wash bulky items like blankets, bags, shoes, and other items that can be tough to dry in the dryer. You can use a laundry line or laundry drying rack to make it easy.

Blackout curtains

Blackout curtains are an easy way to block the sun so that it does not heat up your home as much.

Cook outdoors

Reduce how much cooking you do that heats up your indoors. Summer is a great time for fresh salads and options like no-bake desserts. You can always cook items outdoors or on the grill.

Eco-friendly outdoors

There are many ways to make your yard both eco-friendly and save money. Choose native plants, which require less watering. Perennials generally need less water as well. Landscaping with rocks is also a great way to go. Less grass means less fertilizing, watering, and mowing. You can also set up a rainwater barrel or other collection system that allows you to collect water.


Your thermostat is always an easy way to save some money. Find a programmable thermostat, or even one you can control with your phone, so that your home is coolest when you are home.


Reusable products are not just wonderful for the environment, but your wallet as well. Find reusable items, such as bags, water bottles, food packaging, and more. Instead of buying books, visit your library.

Go solar

There are lots of great options for solar energy, and solar panels are a great way to harness the sun’s energy.