When searching for a fashionable jacket two of the most popular choices are leather and denim. But which one is better? What are the advantages of a men’s motorcycle jacket vs a denim jacket?

Read along and find out which one you should buy for your fashion statement and what the pros and cons are of each option. Be style conscious and choose the best for you!


When considering both of these options it is clear to see that both can be worn with almost any type of jeans and colors. However, leather leaps ahead with its versatility due to the amount of range there is in the style.

Whether you want a bomber, trench, flight, motorcycle, or formal jacket, leather has you covered. It can be smart or casual and just about everything in between. Whilst, not every leather jacket is suited to every occasion, there is a different leather jacket FOR every occasion. 


Straight off you will notice that denim is so much cheaper than leather, so does that mean that Denim wins this round? Well not necessarily. Value is determined not just by the initial price tag but also by its durability. 

Therefore you could calculate the pricing via its initial cost compared with its lifespan. When you do this then Leather and denim even out and reach the same playing field. Yes in terms of value, leather and denim are often equals. 


People buy jackets for style but also to fend off the elements of the weather. Which one fares better under these conditions whether it be hot, cold, wet, or windy?

The answer again is leather. It serves as a great windbreaker, it is warm and often somewhat waterproof whereas denim is not really any of the three. 

The area where fails, however, is in the heat. It gets hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable. For this reason, you may want to wear leather year-round but consider an alternative for those really hot days. 


Which style is most attractive? Whilst this is subjective to some extent, the reputation of a leather jacket is a homing beacon of the bad boy image. Something that the denim can never quite live up to. 

Whilst some people like James Dean can wear either with comfort, the leather is the bad boy fashion whilst denim is the innocent good boy look. 

The choice is up to you, but personally, we like the confidence of leather.