When you buy a new car, it usually comes with a stock alternator that meets the basic power needs of your car’s electoral system. You can continue using your car with the stock alternator or change it. You might need more power if you change some of your car’s electrical system components, such as adding more lights or changing the audio system.   

One way to supply more power to your car’s electrical system is to install a high output alternator. Before you change your car’s alternator to a high output alternator, there are a few things you need to know. Here are some of them.

Does Your Car Need It?

All cars come fitted with a stock alternator that can handle all the car’s electrical components, such as lights, audio system, gauges, and A/C, among others. If all parts in your car that need electrical power are working properly, you do not need to change your alternator. However, if you have changed most car parts and the stock alternator cannot support the new parts, you need to install a high output alternator.

The Amperage Required

Before you install a high output alternator, you need to know how much power your car draws and if the alternator you want to install will meet those demands. If you get a high output alternator with a low amperage, some parts on your car that need power might not function properly. If you plan to make more changes to your car, you should get a high output alternator with high amperage that can supply power to the new parts. 

Gauge Wire Needed

The gauge wire installed with the stock alternator can only handle power from that type of alternator. When you change to a high output alternator, you also need to change the gauge wire because it cannot handle such power. For example, if you install a 100 Amps high output alternator, you must have a 4 AWG gauge wire between 4 and 7 feet. 

Not Too Much Alternator

You do not have to worry about the new high output alternator damaging the electronics in your car, even if it has too much amperage. As long as the alternator is suitable and fits in your car, you can install it whether it will provide high amperage. 

Changing your Car’s Alternator

If you change most of your car’s electronics to high-end products requiring more power, you will have to change your car’s alternator. You should ensure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions when installing the high output alternator or seek the services of a professional.