A folding electric bike is a convenient option if you’re a commuter or you travel a lot.  A folding electric bike is an electric bike that is easily foldable and easy to transport.  There are great advantages to this type of transportation.

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What are the Differences Between a Folding Electric Bike and a Regular Ebike?

A folding electric bike is specially designed to fold up in order for it to be carried around in a more compact form.  This makes the folding electric bike very easy for transportation and storage.  A folding electric bike is usually made with 20 inch wheels, which helps with its ability to downsize.  Regular ebikes will not be able to do this at all.

Pros of a Folding Electric Bike

As mentioned before, the pros of folding electric bikes are:

  • Able to be made compact by folding for easy transportation and storage
  • They cannot be stolen easily, since you can take them wherever you go

Cons of a Folding Electric Bike

Even though the portability and security that a folding electric bike can provide is a big selling point, there are quite a bit of cons with this type of bike.

  • Higher price than regular ebikes: A folding electric bike can cost anywhere from $100-$300 more than a regular ebike.  This is most likely due to the folding frame needing extra R&D and proprietary parts.
  • Bumpier rides: Since folding electric bikes are made with 20 inch wheels, they are 2/3 the diameter and will make obstacles seem a lot harder to get through.
  • Replacing wheels: You’ll have to replace the wheels more often due to the smaller wheels and that they have to spin faster.
  • There are limited gear ranges for steep hills:  Due to the bike having to be made as to not complicate the folding process, folding electric bikes have limited gear ranges.  This wouldn’t be a good idea if you ride on rough terrain frequently. 

When it comes to deciding on a folding electric bike or a regular electric bike, you should consider how important portability and security are to you.  Any kind of electric bike is going to cost way more than a regular bicycle.  If you invest in a more expensive electric bike, you definitely want to make sure that it is safe and not in harm’s way.  The folding electric bike definitely gives you a way to ensure your bike’s safety.

Author bio- Matthew Bell from Crooked Path eBikes is an engineering major with over 25 years experience in heavy industry including nuclear power, rail, oil & gas and infrastructure. Worked closely with high profile clients both domestic and abroad to ensure customer satisfaction.