We’ve all been in situations where it seems as though making rent will be impossible. When this happens, especially when you have a family, the pressure that builds up is difficult to overstate. Thankfully, there are ways to quickly make rent money when you find yourself in these frustrating situations. If you’re searching for creative ways to make rent when you’re in a pinch, here are six options that should prove helpful: 

1. Rental Assistance Programs 

Thankfully, one of the best ways to make your rent when you’re in a pinch is to simply ask government and charity organizations to help you out. We all fall on hard times, and these programs are here to help us make it through the month. Many amazing rental assistance programs in Houston can help you and your family stay housed when you find yourself in a sudden budgetary crisis. 

2. Watch Ads and Other Media for Money 

There are many apps out there that will pay you money to simply watch ads, the news, or other material. Swagbucks is a particularly great choice, as you can add a whopping $225 to your bank account each month just by signing up for a free account and watching the news for a set amount of time. Some users have even made upwards of $1,200 a year by using the Swagbucks app. However, there are many other apps similar to it that can be used to add money, and there are choices that are sure to fit the amount of time and effort that you’re willing to put in. 

3. Cut Down on Your Car Insurance (if Possible) 

Depending on what state you live in, and how often you drive, car insurance can become one monthly cost that you can cut down on in pinch. By using only the bare minimum insurance plan you need, you can add more money toward paying your rent this month. However, in some states, you have to have a certain amount of insurance by law, so always make sure you’re following the law when considering this tip. Otherwise, you might see yourself hit with a fine down the line that will likely be more than you ended up saving by cutting down on your car insurance. 

4. SoLo Loans

SoLo loans have helped create a loan marketplace that can be incredibly useful for those with credit that’s not quite high enough to achieve bank loans. Individual users will take up your loan request, and you can work with them to figure out when you will be paying back your loan. The more often you pay back your loan on time, the more money you can potentially get from a loan the next time you use SoLo. The app is made to be hyper-easy to use as well, which will allow you to relax while you figure out how you can use the service to make rent this month. 

5. Test Play Mobile Games 

Similar to watching ads and other media for money, many mobile game makers are looking for test players – and they are willing to pay you for the effort. Especially if you have plenty of free time right now, test-playing mobile games can be a great way to make your rent while relaxing simultaneously. Just make sure you look into the actual terms of how much you’re getting paid for testing, to make sure that it’s worth your time. 

6. Consider RideSharing Apps 

One of the traditional ways you can make extra money each month is by becoming a rideshare employee. There are a ton of different services to choose from these days, but Lyft is often the most highly rated by the drivers making money off of the app. If you do not feel comfortable hosting people in your car, you can also deliver food, and you will often make upwards of $20 an hour doing so. The fact that you can sign up for, and begin driving for, many food delivery apps within 48 hours makes them especially ripe for users who need to make the rest of their rent money quickly. Many other great remote jobs can help you make your rent while staying comfortable at home. 

You Can Make Rent This Month 

With these options, you can make rent this month and keep a roof over your family’s head. Nothing is as stressful as not knowing where your next bit of money is coming from, but there are solutions to help you get through these difficult times. With the right amount of grit and determination, you’ll be sure to make your rent.