Console tables are essential to house furniture that has survived several decades and remain in vogue. Rather than see console tables as antique objects to be abandoned in the attic or garage, many people now use console tables stylishly in their homes. You can also find console tables in various materials, finishes, and designs straight from the source, allowing you to choose the perfect piece that complements your existing decor or adds a striking contrast to your space.

Use as Display Table

Utilise that sturdy console table to display your favourite items. Many use console tables as mantles, where objects usually go onto a mantle. To use a console table for display, put a flower vase or two.

When using a console table for display, take care not to clutter. Leave some space for the time you may want to drop random objects on the table. Many people have used console tables elegantly as display tables, and you can use it too.

Drag One to the Dining Room for Convenience

A console table in the dining room is a life hack. Carrying food from the kitchen to the dining room is enough task before a meal. You can keep a console table in the dining room to prevent someone from stopping their meal in the middle.

If you have enough space, drag a console table to the dining room to keep some extra cutlery, plate, cups and similar items.

Works well as a Desk

You can convert a console table into a work desk if you work from home. They are sturdy enough to hold your computer and other supplies. Many console tables also come with drawers where you can keep your files and stationery. If you want to use a console table for work or study, place it beside a power source.

Convert into a Vanity Table

Put a stylish console table by your bedside and place your daily essentials on it. Just like a console table for work or study, you can also use it as a vanity table. You can redefine the look by placing a mirror above it and a small stool before it.

Go Traditional

Don’t get carried away by the various creative ways you can use a console table in your home. You can still use it for the traditional purpose many homes used in the mid-19s. For example, station a thin console table by the entryway and place a flower or small sign welcoming people into your home.

Image Via: 1825 Interiors

Use as an Accent Piece

Console tables are so versatile that you can place one in your living room as an accent piece. Position it to contrast against other furniture so that it draws people’s attention once they enter the room. You can place some family photos on it or artwork above.

Explore the Storage Options

A console table gives you extra space for storage wherever you place it. If it’s at the entryway, visitors can keep their keys or hang umbrellas above it. You can also use it to keep visitors’ shoes or yours. Drawers help keep items like jewellery, stationery, diary, reading glasses, etc.

Rounding Up

You can do a lot with a console table in your home. The elegant design of console tables makes them fashionable decoration pieces in the home. But, more than that, the multipurpose features of these tables make them useful almost anywhere in a home.