Not many of us plan when picking and packing outfits for a vacation. We often leave things at the last minute, trying to chuck everything in by jump-sitting frantically on the suitcase. Then, what happens? Here’s what happens: you end up ignoring them. You return home, realizing that you wasted your precious time trying to hunt for outfits through a mound of clothes before going on vacation.

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It’s a widespread misunderstanding that bringing more clothes on a trip makes it easier to decide what to wear (we understand you want to be prepared for anything). Still, the truth is that less is always more. Yes, truly. However, it does take a lot of forethought and planning to create the perfect wardrobe for when your vacation mode is on. But the payoff is worth it. Even if it’s just denim shorts and plaid shirts, planning your travel wardrobe ahead of time makes life much easier.

So, if you want to make planning your travel wardrobe a breeze, the following checklist will help you make it work:

  1. Shoes 

Do you have a cute pair of shoes in your closet that are nice enough to walk in for more than an hour and that you wouldn’t be ashamed to wear to lunch with friends? If not, make that your top priority. Choose styles that have the potential to blend well with your destination.

For instance, if you’re visiting South Carolina to enjoy activities and events, such as attending the Myrtle Beach dinner shows, planning a picnic at Falls Park, etc. Then, wear shoes that reflect comfort. You can wear sleek sneakers, ankle boots, brogues, Mary-Janes, or loafers.

Similarly, if you plan to travel across the Sahara desert, you should pack trail shoes, sneakers, or anything similar, or if you’re going sailing with, you need some comfortable shoes that are made of waterproof materials and have decent grip. The trick is to understand your activities beforehand and choose your shoes accordingly. Moreover, whatever footwear you bring, ensure it has enough padding in the sole for comfort and is stable on various surfaces. You’ll be a lot happier and pleased that way.

  1. Choose your fabrics wisely

Look for washable, breathable fabrics that resist wrinkling and are not too delicate. To travel, you can rely on kitted materials. Consider the following ideas:

  • Tencel jersey and silk jersey can make the best mid and base-layer fabrics.
  • Merino wool is resistant to temperature changes and does not absorb odors.
  • Linen knits are ideal for warm-weather travel.
  • Cotton is breathable and light but takes longer to dry when wet.
  • Modal is a breathable, soft, and long-lasting fabric that works well for tops and tees and dries faster than cotton.
  • If you’re going to travel with denim, consider some modern fabric blends like Tencel, bamboo, and rayon.
  1. Weather-friendly clothing

This tip might come as a no-brainer, but it’s easy to overlook. If you’re going somewhere warm, you may want to wear as little as possible, or at least as little. If you’re going to a place with many cold breezes, you’ll most likely be wearing a trench coat over everything. 

Even if you want to wear a specific attire, it’s not worth it if you’re whimpering in your lack of clothing.

  1. Dress comfortably

Comfortable travel attire can make or break your next adventure because the ideal travel outfit isn’t always what looks fantastic on Instagram. The perfect travel outfit is suitable for any unforeseen event. You’ll want to be at ease from beginning to end, from missed connections to long flights. 

That doesn’t mean you must wear only yoga pants or your most ancient, threadbare T-shirt. A cute pair of jeans and a crop top, paired with white sneakers, for example, will suffice. Make sure you don’t resent your fashionable looks after more than 12 hours of wearing them.

  1. Concentrate on fit 

The best travel clothes, in our opinion, are cut close to the body but with some easiness. You want to be relaxed and move freely, but you don’t want excess fabric wobbling around. Again, knits excel in this application. Layering pieces you can wear in any way (e.g., a cardigan that can be buttoned as a mid-layer) will allow you to get more out of your travel wardrobe.

  1. Add some flair with accessories

Wearing the same clothes every other day can become monotonous, so jazz it up with fun jewelry. Wear aviators one day, wrap a plaid shirt around your waist, and tie your hair back the next. Even changing up your jewelry can make a difference; bring a mix of simple and statement pieces.

  1. Bring a scarf

Scarves are a travel essential because they are warm, helpful, and easy to transport. They’re perfect for long flights to stay warm or used as a small duvet. A soft scarf can provide excellent sun protection if you’re going somewhere hot. A light scarf can be the ideal solution in countries where shoulders are presumed to be covered. They’re often much more accessible to pack than a jacket or sweatshirt, making them the perfect travel companion.

  1. Keep mixing and matching in mind

Sure, you could bring seven lovely dresses for a seven-day vacation. However, you may have difficulty fitting all your dresses into your carry-on. If possible, re-wear clothing pieces multiple times to make packing more convenient. For example, you can only bring one pair of denim jeans or shorts for a week-long trip. It’s not always possible (for example, if your clothes get soaked in ocean water or sweat), so bring some extra clothes just in case.

  1. Traditional Elegance 

“A white button-down blouse, a trench coat, a silk scarf, ballet flats, and ankle-length black pants.”

If you travel to Italy or France, nothing is better than taking a style cue from Audrey Hepburn. A white button-down is always a classic evergreen option, and several non-ironing styles are available. Moreover, you can wear this outfit with flats, dark skinny jeans, and whatever your destination deems appropriate.


We hope that the information above aids you in planning outfits for your vacation.

It’s easy to get caught up in the packing process and forget what clothes might be appropriate for your destination. The good news is that we should be able to avoid those flare-ups with some effective wardrobe planning. That means you can return to what matters: having fun on your trip.